The 289th Hunter Exam was held after the V5 enlisted the help of the Hunter Association to accompany Beyond Netero and Kakin to the Dark Continent.[1] The exam was postponed in order to gather the necessary resources.[2] Although the starting date is unknown, it had certainly reached its conclusion by July 3rd.[3]





First RoundEdit

Just like the final test, the first round was also arranged to eliminate spies from entering the Association. The details of this round are unclear, but it involved a psychological test with the use of thermal imaging and lie detection methods.[1]

Kurapika was surprised that many spies could pass this round and reach the final test.[1]

Final TestEdit

289th Hunter Exam Final Test

Final Test

The final phase is a Q & A session where it tests the remaining examinees on their intelligence gathering ability, analytical ability and applied skills. Cheadle, the chairman of the Association at the time, shows on a monitor the video where Nasubi Hui Guo Rou, the king of Kakin, and Beyond Netero declares to the world they're traveling to the Dark Continent. Based on this video, the remaining examinees are required to answer these 3 questions:

  1. Did you have knowledge of this prior to the announcement?
  2. If yes, explain how you got your information with as much detail as you can. If not, describe the ways you would theoretically be able to obtain such information beforehand.
  3. What kind of economical, social and cultural merits would you gain with such prior knowledge?
Chapter 348- Kurapika uses dowsing chain for Hunter Exam

Using Dowsing Chain

As the candidates give their answers, Kurapika secretly tests them by using his Dowsing Chain to determine who is lying and who is not. If a candidate is hiding something or even mixing some lies with the truth, he is failed immediately by Kurapika.[1]


  • This is the first Hunter Examination that occurred while Cheadle Yorkshire is chairman.
  • This is also the only known exam:
    • to be postponed;[2]
    • in which the Chairman personally requested select people to participate;[2]
    •  with different trials for certain applicants (the bodyguards from Kakin);[4]
    • which awareded temporary licenses.[4]


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