Abe is Ging and Mito's grandmother. She lives in Whale Island.[1]


Ging & Mito's Grandmother 2011 Design

Abe's 2011 Design

Grandma 1999

Abe's 1999 appearance

Grandmother color manga

Abe's colored appearance in the Manga

Abe is an aged woman with graying hair which is always seen tied in a neat bun. She wears a matching white sweatshirt and sweatpants, worn over by a simple orange dress. A dirty-yellow scarf is loosely wrapped around her neck. She is often seen smiling with her eyes closed.


Abe is an kind person. She seems to like to tease Mito, especially concerning Ging.


Hunter Exam arcEdit

During the events on where Gon was embarking to a journey to become a Hunter, she was enlightening Mito about how Gon is exactly has the blood of Ging and expects that one day he will leave his home just like other men do.[1]

Yorknew City arcEdit

When Gon and Killua return to Whale Island from the Heaven's Arena to visit Mito, she tells Gon about the truth about Mito's parents and Ging's father. According to her, Ging wanted her to take care of Gon for a while, but before she could say yes, Mito shouted that she would not allow Gon to be in Ging's care and later took the guardianship of Gon away from him.[2]

Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

345 - Gon at home

She greets Gon when he returns to Whale Island along with Mito and is seen later on having dinner with them.[3]


  • Mito and Ging's grandmother's name was never mentioned in the manga and both anime adaptations, but was revealed to be "Abe" in the booklet of the first Blu-ray Volume of the 2011 anime.


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