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2011 | 1999 | Manga






Manga Debut

Chapter 126

Anime Debut

Episode 73 (1999)
Episode 60 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Daisuke Hirakawa (1999)
Eiji Hanawa (2011)



Hair Color


Eye Color

Gray (1999)
Brown (2011)




Greed Island Player



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Abengane (アベンガネ, Abengane) is a Nen Exorcist and a player of the game Greed Island hired by Battera the same time Gon and Killua entered the game.


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Abengane G.I Design (2011 Anime)

Abengane's 2011 design


Abengane is very taciturn and reflective, concealing his emotions and never losing his cool, even if his life is in danger. He is also logical and quite intelligent, as demonstrated from his ability to think quickly and his dialogue with other characters.


Greed Island arc

Abengane With Hisoka

Abengane with Hisoka

Abengane was first seen in Tsezguerra's trial. He is then one of the players hired by Battera to complete the famous game "Greed Island". He was then seen on the recruitment of an alliance to clear the game faster. He then accepts Nickes' offer and joins the alliance. When they alliance is near to complete and beat the game, the alliance is blackmailed by the Bomber for their cards and Nickes gives into his demands. Even with all the confusion, Abengane was still able to keep his calm. When Genthru leaves the game, Abengane warned Gon and Biscuit about the Genthru's powers. He also asked to avenge the member of the alliance. He also admitted that they were the only players that he could contact.

Abengane catches the bomber

Abengane catches the Bomber

He then uses a card to move to another location and made a fire in the forest. It was then revealed that he could remove other people's nen. This was the reason why he was the only one that manages to survive the Bomber's massacre of the rest of the alliance after completion of the proposed blackmail thanks to his ability as an exorcist. While Gon and Killua are training, Abengane was tracked down by the Phantom Troupe. When Gon was able to collect 99 of the restricted slot cards, Abengane moves into Gon's location.

Abengane & Hisoka Leaving GI

Abengane leaving Greed Island with Hisoka

When the Greed Island Quiz started, he uses the event to touch Genthru and was able to fully remove the nen beast. He also notes that Gon's team shouldn't be able to beat the Bomber but he also noted that the boys must have made a plan to beat them. Then Hisoka finds Abengane and hires him to remove the curse placed on Chrollo by Kurapika.

Abilities & Powers


Abengane is a Conjurer and an Exorcist, thus allowing him to remove Nen curses on himself or on other users.

Abengane's Nen Type: Conjuration
Type: Conjuration Exorcism
  • Abengane starts a fire
  • Abengane's wooden effigy
  • The ritual
  • The Nen beast conjured by Abengane.
Abengane's ability requires him to first burn a campfire. He takes a wooden effigy and chants a prayer to forest spirits. He takes a branch of leaves, weaves a netted decoration around the doll, and burns it in the fire. The size of the fire shows how powerful the Nen that has to be removed is. The campfire rages, amassing the auras of the flora and fauna of the forest alongside Abengane's to Conjure a beast from their combined Nen. The beast generated is able to exorcise Nen curses from people by devouring them, though it will linger until the originator of the ability has died or Abengane satisfies the conditions to disarm the curse. No Nen beast can exorcise a curse left by the dead. The size and shape of the beast depends on how powerful the curse is.



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