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Glutton King

Japanese Voice

Tetsuya Motomura

English Voice

J.D. Zelman

Manga Debut

Chapter 188

Anime Debut

Episode 78 (2011)


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Glutton King

Previous Occupation

Chimera Ant Squadron Leader

Alligator (鰐) (ワニ, Wani) was a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader and is now a self proclaimed "Glutton King".

Appearance Edit

Alligator is a fairly large, bipedal, albino alligator-type Chimera Ant with a purple mohawk. He wears a wrestling singlet with the kanji "alligator" (鰐) written on it.

Personality Edit

Alligator is quite competitive, yet contradictory to that, lazy and laid-back. He is also very gluttonous, naming himself the self proclaimed "Glutton King" after his mother's demise.

Background Edit

Alligator is one of the first human-esque Chimera Ants to be born.

Plot Edit

Chimera Ant arcEdit

When Alligator and Colt compare each other's haul of humans. He compliments Colt haul of prey, but boasts how his own troops retrieved double the amount Colt hauled in, but Colt claims his own fodder is more superior quality than his. The two and all of the other Squadron Leaders are beckoned by the Chimera Ant Queen for an important announcement.[1] With Netero, Morel Mackernasey, and Knov hunting the Chimera Ants surrounding the Nest, it's revealed that Peggy is one of the fourteen Squadron Leaders to be left alive.[2]

Squadron Leaders debating what to do

Squadron Leaders ponder what to do next

After the birth of the King, Alligator overcome with fear by the King's presence, nervously stands next to Cheetu, as the King kills Peggy with a single swipe of his tail and then Turtle the same way, and observes as Colt cleans the King's tail.[3] As Alligator along with some other Squadron Leaders look upon the eaten remains of Peggy and Turtle and wonder what to do next. Hagya proposes they should all go their own individual ways. Alligator along with most of the Squadron Leaders and Chimera Ants agree to Leol's proposal.[4]

Some place on the shores of NGL, Alligator thinks at the speed Cheetu's going, he must have made it past the NGL border already, but he's going to take his time. He'll enjoy all of the food and women all to himself, and it doesn't matter what kind of food he'll scavenge, for he's the "Glutton King".[5]


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