A few characters in Hunter × Hunter are shown to use animals as a form of weaponry. This could be due to the fact that they are manipulators or simply because they have tamed the animals. Some of these animals are:

  • Bees: Ponzu carries bees underneath her big round hat. They emerge and attack her enemies when threatened[1] and she can also use them as message carriers.[2]
  • Snakes: Used by the snake charmer Bourbon, these snakes attack anyone Bourbon orders them to. He can also have them hide and attack when the enemy gets close to their master.[1]
  • Dragonflies: Flutter Conjures them as satellite through his ability Super Eye.[4]
  • Birds: Similar to Squala's ability, Cluck's ability is to control an undetermined number of birds.[5]
  • Leeches: Used by the Shadow Beast Leech, who keeps them in his body. They can be used for medical purposes as well as a deadly weapon.[6]


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