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Umi Tenjin (1999)

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Episode 11 (1999)


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Unnamed father (Deceased)

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Anita (アニタ, Anita) is an anime-only character in Nippon Animation's version of Hunter × Hunter.

Background Edit

She is the daughter of a wealthy spice merchant who was assassinated by one of the Zoldycks. Anita takes the 287th Hunter Exam because she knows that Killua is there and she wants to kill him to avenge her father.

Plot Edit

Hunter Exam arcEdit

Anita, examinee #111, fails the second phase in the 287th Hunter Exam. She then goes as a stowaway on Chairman Netero's airship, carrying the candidates to the third phase. There she meets Killua and attempts to attack him with a knife. But Netero intervenes, knowing that she failed the exam, and keeps her under watch until they arrive at the next phase.

Anita breaks free and goes after Killua again and this time, Killua enters his assassin mode. He changes his nails into claws and slices the blade off her knife. He then pins her to the ground and holds his claws to her neck, ready to slit her throat. He snaps out of his assassin mode just before he is about to do this and knocks her out cold instead.

When the airship reaches the third phase, Anita is sent back and Killua tells her that her father was in reality a drug merchant. The spice in his mine was a highly addictive substance; her father made profit off the suffering of others and that was why he was assassinated. Anita takes this very hard as she always thought of her father as a kind and loving man and begins to cry.

Trivia Edit

  • In the 1999 anime, 41 people pass the second phase of the exam and Anita sneaks into the blimp and therefore they become 42, but she was captured later while another examinee was injured by Killua, therefore 40 applicants remain. In the manga, 42 people pass the second phase and Killua just kills 2 applicants.
  • Killua claims either his mother or one of his siblings killed Anita's father.