Antokiba (アントキバ, Antokiba) or known as the "City of Prize", is a city on Greed Island and the closest to the center of the island.[1]


The walls in the city are pasted up with very many reward posters. On the 15th of every month, a major contest is held here in which the winner is rewarded with a specified slot card. Many players go straight to Antokiba when beginning the game so a lot of basic information about beginners can be gathered in this city.[1] The only known contests are rock-paper-scissors[2] and two-person tug of war.[3]


Greed Island arcEdit

Gon and Killua first arrive in the city on September 11th.[1] Several days later they win the rock-paper-scissors tournament held this month and obtain the card #83 "Sword of Truth" as a result.[2] However, soon afterwards the card is stolen by long-time players.[4] After being trained by Biscuit for more than 2 months, they return to the city in January and win another specified slot card, #84, the Paladin's Necklace.[3]


Welcome to Antokiba
Boards of the monthly tournament schedules
Antokiba Restaurant



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