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Assassin A
Japanese Voice

Takashi Matsuyama (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 95

Anime Debut

Episode 60 (1999)
Episode 51 (2011)


Male Male

Eye Color

Brown (1999)
Blue (2011)

Hair Color

Blonde (1999)
Brown (2011)



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Assassin A was one of the assassins hired by the Ten Dons to eliminate the Phantom Troupe.[1]


Assassin A 2011 Design

Assassin A 2011 Design

He had a medium length haircut, wore a beret and in general had a military-like attire.


Yorknew City arcEdit

When the assassins first meet up with the Mafia in the Cemetery Building in Yorknew City to learn about their tasks in details, his confident attitude makes Kurapika think that he and another assassin are the only ones who can rise to the level of Zeno and Silva Zoldyck.[1] Right before the planned commencement of the rescheduled Mafia's underground auction, through a CCTV monitor the assassin notices that Chrollo has knocked out Neon with an incredibly fast chop to the neck. He gets so excited over the prospect of fighting Chrollo that he goes hunting for him alone.[2]


The assassin eaten by the Indoor Fish

After finding Chrollo in an empty room, next to the corpse of another assassin, he engages him in a one-on-one battle.[2] Assassin A, however, is quickly defeated. He is then pinned to the wall by several ballpoints and gets eaten piece by piece by Chrollo's Nen fish. When there are only small parts left of his body, Chrollo releases the fish, killing the assassin.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Assassin A is considered a powerful warrior who specializes in murder. He gave proof of his quick reflexes when he noticed how Chrollo had knocked out Neon with an incredibly fast chop to the neck. He is also a skilled tracker with a superhuman sense of smell, as seen when following a trail of blood left by the leader of the Phantom Troupe. He appears to be very proficient in knife handling, using a military combat knife as his main weapon, and a very accurate thrower as well. However, he was killed single-handedly by Chrollo. 


Assassin A can use Ren at the very least.[2] He is one of the two professionals hired by the Ten Mafia Dons whom Kurapika deemed talented enough to rise one day to Silva's and Zeno's level, the other being Assassin B.[1]


  • Yorknew City arc
    • Assassin A vs. Chrollo Lucilfer[2][3]


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