Babimyna (バビマイナ, Babimaina) is a high-ranking soldier in the Royal Army of the Kakin Empire, and one of the personal soldiers of Prince Benjamin. He is now among Prince Woble's bodyguards under direct orders from Prince Benjamin, after Vincent committed suicide.[1]


Babimyna is a young man with fair, curly hair with a faded sides haircut. He wears the standard Kakin military attire of zipper jacket, pants, and dark combat boots. He wears an earpiece in his left ear.


Chap 366 - Slakka and Babimyna

Babimyna shrugs off Slakka's tap

Babimyna is a quiet and composed individual, with decent analytical and tactical abilities. Although normally inexpressive and unfathomable, impatience can cause him to make dramatic hand gestures.[2] He has shown indifference when people try to work with him, and often shrugs them off when they pat his shoulder.[3][4] He was also a bit empathetic towards Queen Oito's state after the death of Prince Momoze, leading to him moving to another room and lifting his En to keep her at ease.[5]


As one of the First Prince's soldiers, Babimyna graduated from Kakin's Royal Military Academy and became a part of his army.[6]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Chap 365 - Queen, Prince, and bodyguards

Babimyna meets Queen Oito, Prince Woble, and their bodyguards

Babimyna is among the fourteen soldiers that Prince Benjamin sent to act as both spies and bodyguards to the other princes.[7] After Vincent's confrontation with Prince Woble's bodyguards Kurapika and Bill and his subsequent death, Prince Benjamin sends Babimyna as Vincent's replacement. According to the prince, the mission is of absolute importance and failure would not be tolerated.[1]

Kurapika informs Babimyna that he, with Queen Oito and the prince, would go to Prince Zhang Lei's rooms after his invitation, but Babimyna refuses to go along, preferring to stay and wait within Prince Woble's room with Bill.[8]

Chap 367 - Babimyna's analysis

Babimyna analyzes the situation

Later, the entourage returns with two of Prince Zhang Lei's bodyguards and one from the Second Queen Duazul. Slakka recognizes Babimyna as someone from Prince Benjamin's soldiers and confides that Babimyna should watch over Sakata. Babimyna agrees, and as Slakka walks away, he brushes off Slakka's friendly tap on the shoulder.[3]

Prince Tubeppa's guard Maor arrives for Kurapika's explanation about Nen in the guards room. Babimyna insists that the queen and prince should be present as well. When Queen Oito notices a cockroach in the same room, Babimyna observes Kurapika's reaction, and is surprised when Kurapika is willing to reveal Bill's ability to manipulate the insect. Babimyna watches as Bill displays his ability and thinks to himself that he should learn about Kurapika's ability next.[2] As the queen takes notes on what she sees through Little Eye, Babimyna deduces she is using Nen, but he is unable to make out what she writes with his En. He is surprised to hear her scream and try to prevent Momoze's assassination, offering to help Kurapika contact the operator, and he later confronts her about it. Oito merely replies she has nothing to say to someone so caught up in the succession game he'd stand by while someone's daughter is murdered. Upon hearing that, Babimyna leaves the room with the other princes' bodyguards and lifts his En.[5] Nine hours later, he comes running when he hears Oito scream, but Kurapika tells him to stand down, claiming she merely had a nightmare. He casts a glance over his shoulder at Kurapika and Oito before obeying.[9]

Chap 370 - Nen Course

Babimyna watches Kurapika's Nen training

Not long afterwards, he watches Kurapika's Nen lessons.[9] A fellow private soldier of Prince Benjamin, Furykov, approaches him and asks for his assessment of the fourteenth prince's force. When Furykov asks him why he removed his En, Babimyna refuses to answer the question. Furykov demands information about Kurapika and the others, and Babimyna states he has no information about Woble's Guardian Spirit Beast and Bill's ability, although he believes Kurapika to be the one capable of extracting confessions. He concludes by saying he has no definite assessment yet, but plans to have it ready by the next banquet. After Furykov gives him a friendly tap on the shoulder, Babimyna brushes it off.[4]

Following Loberry's sudden outburst, Babimyna witnesses the death of Barrigen at the hands of four snake-like beasts. He quietly observes Kurapika's reaction, confiding that he knows the attacker is not one of the princes' Guardian Spirit Beasts.[4] When Kurapika retreats to Oito's room for 15 minutes, Babimyna does not follow him, prompting Furykov to demand an explanation. Babimyna is annoyed by the latter's insinuations.[10]

After the lesson, he returns to Room 1014. He gives his silent consent when Kurapika tacitly asks for permission to talk about the Nen ability affecting Room 1013 to answer Sakata's question.[11]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Babimyna has received military training.[7]


Babimyna is a Nen user, although his superior Balsamilco believes him to be less skilled than Hunters in that regard.[1] His Hatsu ability has yet to be disclosed, but it is known to be counteractive.[3] He is revealed to know at least En which covers the entire quarters of Prince Woble,[2] and which he can maintain for at least several minutes without strain. However, his control is not so refined to discern what a person inside his range is writing.[5]


  • (To Queen Oito) "Your Majesty. May I ask you a question? There were no benefits to you by crying out. Why did you do it...?"[5]
  • "Sakata, let's go. Leave Kurapika in charge. The queen can't rest with us in here. I'll talk to Slacka, too."[5]
  • (To Furykov, when asked why he released his En) "It's none of your business."[4]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic بابيماينا


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