Baise (ヴェーゼ, Veize) was one of the bodyguards working for Neon Nostrade.[1]


Baise 2011 Design

Baise 2011 Design

Baise 1999 Design

Baise 1999 Design


Baise Formal Manga Design

Baise was a beautiful woman with a large bust and sharp green eyes and dark pink hair twisted into a long braid that stood upward, with several strands falling on her forehead. She also sported pink lipstick.


Baise was rather sadistic when using her ability, enjoying her power over the people she kissed, acting very much like a dominatrix; she once recorded their actions while enslaved by her power.


Yorknew City arcEdit


Baise along with five other applicants for the bodyguard position, await within a room in the Nostrade's Mansion. After the butler in the room plays a video introducing the supposed boss whom details the requirements of the position. The applicants are given a data card with specified items listed on it and are instructed by the supposed boss to retrieve one of the items on the list to get the bodyguard position. When one of the five applicants tries to leave, but to no avail they're all ambushed by 11 hooded assailants wielding guns and swords. The assailants wielding the guns fire at Baise, who uses the butler as a shield, killing him.[2] Tossing aside the Butler's corpse, Baise shows amazement with Kurapika's skills with his chains, being able to deflect bullets and later fends off an assailant wielding a sword. Baise along with the other applicants are caught by surprise, when the applicant Kurapika holds another applicant hostage with a pin like knife and demands that he immediately stops the assailants.[3]


Baise is questioned if she's a plant

The applicant does and the assailants all deflate onto the ground. Baise along with the other applicants perplexed by the turn of events; listen to Kurapika's speculation on the assailants and how he knew it was that very applicant. The applicant confirms Kurapika's speculation and introduces himself as Shachmono Tocino. Tocino then explains the reason for having his Nen assailants attack them and congratulates the four of them for doing a good job thus far. Tocino's remark about the "Four of them" has the applicants perplexed again and speculate another plant in the group. So Kurapika uses his Dowsing Chain on Baise and the other applicants to figure out whom the plant is and the chain points to the applicant Squala. So after the applicant Melody confirms the Squala is the plant by his heart beat and another applicant named Basho uses his Hatsu Great Haiku to force a confession from Squala. Squala introduces himself, details he's a Manipulation type, and admits that he's given orders to somethings.[3]

Baise squala

Baise confronts Squala inquiring what the orders were and he retorts that it wouldn't be a test if he confessed and claims he won't tell them even if they torture him. Baise then uses her Hatsu Instant Lover on Squala making him fall in love with her. Confessing that she's a Manipulation type as well, Baise details whenever she kisses someone they instantly become her slave and stamps her foot on Squala's forehead whom in turn asks for her to step on him more. Baise aroused by this uses a tape recorder and demands Squala what orders did he make to whomever or else she'll stop stepping on him. Squala then confesses that he's a lowly dog master and his pack of dogs are roaming around the mansion. It's later revealed that Baise along with the other applicants escape the mansion.[3]

Nostrade Bodyguards

Baise along with Basho, Melody, and Kurapika return to the Nostrade Mansion each carrying a body part from the data card and Baise choose to retrieve the "Unicorn's Skull" and presents it to Dalzollene in his office, whom officially recognizes and accepts the four as bodyguards. In a different room in the mansion, Dalzollene explains to the group in great detail about their first job escorting their boss to the Hotel Beitacle located in Yorknew City. Later while walking down a hallway with various paintings hung upon the walls, Baise notices a certain one that seems to stick out from the rest and asks Dalzollene the meaning behind that certain one. Dalzollene explains that he was once a bodyguard too whom was dealt with, due to his negligence to listen to orders and that the four of them are to replace him. Dalzollene then knocks on a door at the end of the hallway and reveals that their boss is a young girl.[1]

On the night of the Underground Auction, Dalzollene instructs the bodyguards, which items they'll have to buy no matter what the cost and leaves that responsibility to Baise, Ivlenkov, and Tocino.[4] Later that night inside the Cemetery Building where the underground auction was being held, Ivlenkov comments on how many people have come and how they're all big shots. Baise then comments that while it's unexpected she figured, the big shots would send their underlings to the auction. Tocino informs Baise it's all in a mater of pride and details that 5% of what's auctioned off goes back to the community as a service charge. At the start of the auction, a large man and short man approach the podium. The short man says they'll skip the formalities and the large man then activates his Hatsu emitting a barrage of bullets at all of the auction attendees.[5]

Baise killed by Shizuku

Baise killed from behind by Shizuku

Tocino then tells Baise and Ivlenkov to get in back of him, as he then activates his Hatsu only for it to blasted away by the barrage of bullets and getting himself killed in the crossfire. Baise and Ivlenkov then try and escape, but when Ivlenkov charges through the door to escape his head is smashed in by a young lady using a vacuum cleaner. Baise witnessing Ivlenkov being killed so effortlessly tries to flee, but the young lady catches up with her and smashes the back of her skull killing her.[5] Kurapika mentions Baise, when he informs Neon that she's one of the three people who died in the Underground Auction massacre.[6]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Baise has some degree of skill, as proven by the fact that she successfully retrieved an item as part of a test required in order to be hired as Nostrade's bodyguard. She proved to be moderately fast and agile when she dodged all the attacks of Tocino's puppets[3] as well as Franklin's spray of Nen fire.[5]


Baise is a Manipulator capable enough to have developed a Nen ability.[3]

Baise's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Manipulation

Instant Lovers (180分の恋奴隷 (インスタントラヴァー) 180-Minute Love Slave)


Baise is a Manipulator with the ability to make one a slave for 180 minutes by kissing a person, presumably of either sex. She uses it on Squala during Dalzollene's test to recruit bodyguards for Neon Nostrade. The person being her slave will do anything for her as long as they're under her manipulation.


  • Yorknew City arc
    • Baise, Kurapika, Basho and Melody vs. Shachmono Tocino and Squala[2][3]
    • Baise and Ivlenkov and Shachmono Tocino vs. Shizuku Murasaki and Franklin Bordeau[5]


  • In French, baise (baiser) means kiss.
  • Baise's 2011 voice actor played Machi in the Greed Island OVA and Coco Loo in the 2011 anime adaption.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the 2011 anime, Baise's first appearance shows her employed to a young man. She is later harassed by a group of men, one of whom she uses her ability to make him fight his companions. Her employer, horrified of her ability, escapes via a car, prompting Baise to find another employer.[7]


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