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Yuya Murakami

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Chapter 189

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Episode 78 (2011)


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Balda (バルダー, Boulder) was a member of Pokkle's NGL expedition team.[1]


Balda was a tall and lean built man, with spiky black hair and grey eyebrows. He had a large defined nose and a prominent upper lip. He's seen wearing a white shirt with light blue long sleeves underneath and tan pants.


Balda was seen remaining level headed and calm in most situations, but became unnerved and chose to flee when encounter by Pike.

Plot Edit

Chimera Ant arc Edit

Pokkle's Team

Ponzu telling the group that the message wasn't picked up

While being part of an expedition group in NGL, with Pokkle, Ponzu, and Pekuba, they bear witness to a group of Chimera Ants, most notably a Spiky Chimera Ant wielding two pistols, hunting human prey.[1] Sometime later one of Ponzu's messenger bees returns revealing that no one has been able to pick up it's message. Meaning the group of five other hunters they were in contact with must of been annihilated. Anxious by the situation, Pokkle suggests they leave, with both Pekuba and Balda in agreeance.[2]

Pokkle admits to the group they're not strong enough on there own and that they need to leave NGL, get in contact with the outside world to warn them about the crisis at hand so an official extermination squad could be formed in order to deal with the Chimera Ants. As Balda agrees with what Pokkle said, Pekuba all panic stricken tries to say something, but is cut off mid sentence as a Chimera Ant tunnels up from the ground and severs his head off.[2]

Hunter X Hunter - 80-21-2-

Balda being captured by Pike

Pokkle manages to kill the Chimera Ant with his Nen and tells Balda and Ponzu to make a run for it, a Spider Chimera Ant climbs up from a cliff towards the group. Both Ponzu and Balda yell Pokkle to shoot it, and Pokkle does, only for the Spider to easily catch the arrow. Deducing that Pokkle is a "Rare Prey", the Spider makes the intention to capture him and offer him to the Chimera Ant Queen. The Spider then shoots a sticky web aimed at Pokkle, but manages to swiftly dodge the web, only for it to latch onto Balda's back. Retracting it's web the Spider then bites off a huge chunk of Balda's head killing him instantly.[2]


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