Balsa Islands

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Balsa islands

Balsa Islands

Balsa Islands are a group of islands located to the south of the Yorbian continent. They include the Mitene Union--an island country made up of 5 smaller countries--where the Chimera ant crisis takes place.[1]


Chimera Ant ArcEdit

In the Mitene Union, a Chimera Ant Queen washes up on the shore of NGL and begins to devour the inhabitants there, rapidly infesting the country with her offspring. Later, Meruem and his Royal Guards head to the Republic of East Gorteau and initiate a Selection process there, nearly killing all the citizens of the nation in an attempt to weaponize the population. After the Chimera Ants are culled, NGL turns into a nature reserve that was left in charge to the Hunters Association, and the remaining citizens were divided among the other countries of the Mitene Union.


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