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Balsamilco Might (バルサミルコ=マイト, Barusamiruko Maito) is a Master Sergeant in the Royal Army of the Kakin Empire, and the Captain of the Guards of Prince Benjamin.[1]


Balsalmico is a bald, dark-skinned man with a stocky build and a large scar across his left temple and down to his cheek.


Befitting his rank and Prince Benjamin's high regards on him, Balsamilco is a logical and analytical person. He admires and respects Benjamin, whom he views as the ideal leader to help their country develop, showing patriotism.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Before the Black Whale sets off, Balsamilco explains to the Private Soldiers the layout and hunting grounds for the upcoming Succession War between the princes within two months. He informs the other soldiers that between the two months, there would be banquets every Sunday which all the princes would attend, giving the soldiers no chance to attack and possibly restraining the soldiers for the rest of the journey.[2]

After one of the banquets, Prince Benjamin asks for Balsamilco's presence and orders him to bring Fourth Prince alive to him. In the prince's quarters, Benjamin and Balsalmico analyze the situation of the contest and the sudden announcement of "Nen Beasts" and "Nen abilities". They come into a conclusion that the other princes would also want to learn about Nen, the Hunters on board the ship and their true motives. Thus, under the First Prince's orders, Balsalmico summons the other Private Soldiers and internally believes that Benjamin is the best candidate for the throne.[1]

Balsalmico eavesdrops during the fight between Bill and Kurapika against Vincent, the Royal Bodyguard assigned to the Fourteenth Prince. After Vincent's suicide, Balsalmico concludes that Kurapika and Bill have troublesome abilities, though he praises Vincent for taking his own life. To replace Vincent, Balsalmico sends Babimyna.[3] He might have been on the phone waiting for Kurapika, when Shimano, Queen Oito's maid, answered the call.[4] Right after Kurapika rejects their call Balsamilco and Benjamin plot on how they should deal with Kurapika with the help of Furykov[5]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Balsamilco has authority over the rest of Benjamin's bodyguards and men. He appears to have received military training. He has shown excellent analytical abilities when he expounded to Benjamin the consequences and possible implications of Kurapika's announcement.[1]


Balsamilco is a Nen user. He however believes himself to be less skilled than Hunters in this regard.[1]

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