Barrigen (バリゲン, Barigen) was a Royal Bodyguard for Prince Marayam chosen by Queen Sevanti. He was under a mission from Queen Sevanti to learn Nen from Kurapika within the two-week time limit,[1] until his demise.[2]


As a Royal Bodyguard, he wore a black suit and a tie.[3]


Not much was known about Barrigen's personality, but he seemed delighted to be chosen over Vergei to attend Kurapika's teaching about Nen.[3]


Succession Contest arcEdit

In an outlook of Twelfth and Thirteenth Princes' rooms, Barrigen is shown to be in a room over from Prince Marayam and Queen Sevanti.[1]

Chap 370 - Barrigen Snakes

Barrigen killed by Nen snakes

Queen Sevanti sends Belerainte and Barrigen to attend Kurapika's two-week teaching of Nen. His orders include learning Nen within the time limit and that it's a royal order. Happy to hear that he was chosen over Vergei, Barrigen motivates himself that he'll seize the chance for sure.[3] At Kurapika's request, he states his name and affiliation. While everyone is distracted by Loberry, Silent Majority attacks Barrigen. Before everyone's shocked eyes, his blood drains and his body shrivels up. He is ultimately killed by Silent Majority moments before Sakata shoots at the white snakes emerging from under Barrigen's clothes. Belerainte examines his body, he claims he could have been still alive, but Sakata bullets certainly did. Sakata refutes Belerainte's claim, claiming he was obviously dead from the snake attack.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic باريگين


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