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2011 | 1999 | Manga

Battera 2011





Japanese Voice

Kimiyoshi Kibe (1999)
Hideyuki Umezu (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 69 (Mentioned)
Chapter 120 (Actual Appearance)

Anime Debut

Episode 71 (1999)
Episode 59 (2011)


Male Male

Eye Color

Brown (1999)
Grey (2011)

Hair Color

Ash Gray



Previous Affiliation

Battera's lover (Deceased)
Tsezguerra (Partner)


Multi-billionaire Investor

Image Gallery

Battera (バッテラ, Battera) is a multi-billionaire who spent a lot of his fortune to buy as many copies of the game Greed Island as he could afford.[1]


Battera 1999 Design

Battera 1999 Design

Battera is an old man with grey hair and a pale skin. He is often seen wearing a suit with a bow tie and a rose on the right side.


Greed Island arcEdit

Battera bids GI

Battera wins a copy of Greed Island

Briefly mentioned on an online article, it was written that Battera once bought the Greed Island game for 17 Billion Jenny and offered a 50 Billion Jenny reward to anyone who completes it, but no one came forward.[1] On September 6th, Battera makes his actual appearance during the Southernpiece Auction in order to win a copy of the game Greed Island. A news reporter briefly interviews him and inquires his reason for wanting to get the game, his response was that it's simply for love.[2] Battera's auction number was #16 and during the auction he has a heated auction-off with auctioneer #17 Milluki Zoldyck, but he ultimately wins the copy of the game for 30.5 Billion Jenny. After the auction was over, Battera's partner Tsezguerra voiced his displeasure against bidding so high on the game, but Battera assured him it was worth it. The boys Gon and Killua then approach Battera and state their interest in helping complete the game and claim they're Pro Hunters as well. Battera however questions their authenticity of being real Hunters, but can't due to them not having a Hunter License on them. Battera's bodyguards then try to get rid of them, but Battera stops them figuring how the boys managed to make it into the Auction house they're no ordinary people, but is still not sufficient enough evidence to believe everything they've said.[3]

Bid x And x Haste

Gon and Killua showcase their Ren to Battera and Tsezguerra

The boys then inform Battera they possess a save file and ring to the game, and he starts to believe them. Battera then calls over Tsezguerra who tests the boys Ren and fails them claiming if they entered the game they'd certainly die.[3] Battera then explains he currently owns 32 copies of Greed Island and has hired 100 people to try and complete the game, most of which are Pro and Amateur Hunters, although over half of them represent a loss for him. The reason why is most of the players refuse to return to the real world and now live in the game and because of this no new players can enter the game. With this issue Battera wishes to avoid this error at all costs, which is why the selection process to enter the game is so tough. After Tsezguerra boasts to the boys about how he's a Pro-Hunter and his accomplishments in the game, Battera informs them that he'll be getting 7 more copies of the game and when he does he'll recruit more players and that an announcement on the internet about it has already been posted. Killua inquires if Battera wants them to take part in the test again, to which Battera confirms. Battera details that the date of the test will be on September 10th and it'll take place in the Auction House, after the final auction is held. The boys agree to re-take the test on the 10th and when the boys leave, Battera asks Tsezguerra again about what he thinks about the boys. Tsezguerra states that his opinion before hasn't changed, but details that a lot can happen in 4 days.[4]

From September 7th - 10th Battera attends Southern Piece Auctions as attendee #33 & #51 and wins copies of Greed Island for 27.8 Billion Jenny and 60.2 Billion Jenny. One of Two people witnessing Battera's win of the last copy of the Greed Island game, claims while he's won every copy of Greed Island, he's halved his entire fortune at the auction house.[5] As the last Greed Island player from Battera's Mansion is emancipated into the game, Battera inquires Tsezguerra of his thoughts on the current batch of players sent in. Tsezguerra compliments them and says he'll return to playing the game as well so the cards he's collected won't vanish.[6] After a couple of months pass, since the boys and Tsezguerra entered Greed Island, Battera appears again sitting on a sofa in his mansion in front of a large screen TV crying a stream of tears.[7] As Tsezguerra and his comrades return to Battera's mansion finding it abandoned aside from head guard Sabazushi, who informs the group that everyone has been paid and has left, which was Battera's final orders. Agitated by this Tsezguerra locates the room Battera has locked himself in and demands to know why he's canceled the bounty. Battera explains to Tsezguerra vaguely that nothing matters anymore and his lawyers will compensate him for his work and that he can whatever cards he's managed to win for himself. As for him he simply wishes to be left alone.[8]

Tsezguerra's group with Battera

Battera confesses his reasons for wanting people to play and beat the Greed Island game

A week passes by Tsezguerra and his comrades finally manage to get into the room Battera is held in. While Tsezguerra inquires his reasons for canceling the bounty on Greed Island, Battera remains silent until he inquires about a picture of a young woman and if the cancellation had to do with her and what his relation to her is. Battera finally confesses that the woman in the picture is his lover and has hospitalized for a long time, and several days ago she died in her sleep. Battera then explains what kind of person his lover was and how they wanted to start a new life together, but a strange twist of fate put her in a coma. While the hospitals couldn't revive her, but only keep her alive, he found out about a game called Greed Island where it had a panacea and something that could restore your youth, but due to her death it didn't matter any longer.[9]


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