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2011 | 1999 | Manga

Bean(Mafia) Infobox





Japanese Voice

Kohei Kowada (1999)
Issei Maeda (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 74

Anime Debut

Episode 61 (1999)
Episode 52 (2011)


Male Male

Eye Color

Black (1999)
Blue (2011)

Hair Color

Brown (1999)
Blonde (2011)





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Bean (ビーン, Bīn) was a mafioso under the direct command of the Ten Dons and was shown to be responsible for the communication between them and the rest of the Mafia community.[1]


Bean 2011 Design

Bean 2011 Design

Bean had medium length hair in a pony tail and dressed in a Black Tuxedo with a Forest Green tie.


Yorknew City arc

On the night of September 1st in the Cemetery Building, after the Underground Auction massacre by the Phantom Troupe occurred. Bean with numerous other members of the mafia community were completely outraged to find that all of the items in the auction vault have been stolen.[2] Two days after the underground auction massacre on the night of September the 3rd at the Cemetery Building, Bean talks with a lackey whom requests an ambulance be called, because a young girl has fainted. Initially Bean refuses since no unauthorized people may enter the building, but after the young girl's companion reveals the young girl as Neon Nostrade of Nostrade Family, he concedes and has an ambulance contacted.[3]

As the Phantom Troupe slaughter the mafia community that are outside the Cemetery Building, for revenge for their fallen comrade Uvogin. Bean yells at his subordinates on the phone to not kill them, but simply keep them as far away from the building as possible. Bean then walks out of the building and complains how crazy his men are worried that only 10 people have come and attacked them. An ambulance then arrives and a doctor and two workers exit it. When the 3 people try and enter the building, Bean stops them wielding a pistol to the forehead of the doctor. Bean informs the doctor if he makes any suspicious movements, he's dead and to follow him to the patient.[4] Later that night Bean again yells at his subordinates on the phone about how no reinforcements have arrived and while his subordinate responds he's killed. At that moment an explosions occurs shocking Bean and he's left speechless how over 200 heavily armed men be all killed by a mere 10 people. Hiding in a secluded room, Bean calls someone to get in contact with the Ten Dons.[1]

When the fight between Zeno & Silva Zoldyck against The Phantom Troupe Leader was over. Bean along with a large population of the mafia community gather in an undisclosed area in the Cemetery Building, while a large explosion occurs within the building making everyone panic. Bean tries to calm everyone down and informs them that they've got a hold of the Ten Dons finally and that everyone should head over to the auction room, where a direct link to the Ten Dons has been connected. After the Ten Dons make their announcement Bean informs the community that they heard what the Dons said and let them all make the auction a big success. With the auction finally starting, Bean walks backstage with a cigarette in his mouth, is glad everything is back in order and that none of the bosses have been injured. Looking for a light for his cigarette, a mysterious person lights Bean's cigarette for him and while thankful at first, he's surprised by the man's face and at that moment he's hung and killed by his neck by Machi.[5]


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