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Leorio benz knife
Ben's Knives
Item Statistics
Owned by

Benny Delon

Manga Debut

Chapter 85

Anime Debut

Episode 48 (2011)
Episode 57 (1999)

Ben's knives are the knives made by Benny Delon after every murder he committed.[1]


Every Ben's knife is engraved with a number corresponding to when it was made in relation to the other knives.[1]The form of the blade makes it possible to recognize in which period of the blacksmith the knife was forged.


There are 288 different Ben's Knives in total. The serial killer and blacksmith Benny Delon forged a unique knife for each victim he killed, showing that he had 288 victims.[1]


Ben's knives are known to be exceptionally sharp, enough to cut Silva Zoldyck's tough skin. At least one of them is imbued with a toxin so powerful that 0.1 mg of it could paralyze a whale.[2] The aura of their forger remains in them after about a century from his death.


Yorknew City arcEdit

Gon and Killua discovered that these knives can be found by using Gyo to detect the aura Benny Delon unintentionally left on them. At the present time, the prices of the Ben's knives vary depending on the incised numbers, but each of them can be sold for at least 5 million Jenny Currency Symbol.[1]

Later, Chrollo Lucilfer uses a Ben's knife during his fight against Silva Zoldyck.[2]



  • According to Killua Zoldyck, his father likes Benny Delon and his works.[1]


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