"Each of my victims' screams and facial expressions inspired my work."

— Benny Delon in "September 3rd: Part 1"

Benny Delon (ベンニー=ドロン, Ben'nī Doron) was a famous serial killer who lived about 100 years prior to the present day of Hunter × Hunter that the story takes place in.[1] Due to his excellent forging skills, some would come to regard him as an artist.


Benny seemed to have been on the final stages of male pattern baldness, as a result the hair on the top and the crown regions of his head was missing, while he grew the rest long. He also grew side-whiskers and a beard, and had kept them short and well-trimmed. He was depicted as wearing suits.[1]


Benny was a skilled blacksmith and a serial killer. Every time he killed someone he made a knife engraved with a number and called it Ben's. Unknown to himself, he put his aura in his knives. He sold the knife in his shop, like other normal knives and swords. A total of 288 Ben's knives were made. According to his statement while in prison, "Each of my victims' screams and facial expressions inspired my work."[1] This would imply he had murdered at least 288 people prior to being caught. His artistic activity could be divided in at least three periods.[2]


Yorknew City arcEdit

Gon and Killua find one of Ben's knives in Bull Market in Yorknew City.[1] Later, Chrollo Lucilfer is seen using a Ben's knife to cut Silva Zoldyck's left arm in retaliation during his combat with the assassin and the latter's senior.[2]


  • According to Killua, his father is an admirer of Benny and his creations.[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic بيني ديلون (Bayni Dilun)
France Flag French Bennie Doron


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