"I will turn down no challenger!! Anyone who wants to win this new land is my family!! Each person will have a role to play!! All you need is the courage to step forward!! Come one, come all to Kakin!! Let us go... to the new world!!! I promise to take you there!!!"

— Beyond Netero's speech in "Special Mission"
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Beyond Netero (ビヨンド=ネテロ, Biyondo Netero) is the leader of the Dark Continent expedition team and the son of Isaac Netero. He is currently trying to reach the Dark Continent.[1]


Beyond Netero 2

Beyond's appearance

Beyond looks very similar to his father. He has long black hair enclosed by a band and a long black beard. His most distinctive feature is his scar which is shaped like an X, located in his face. His clothing resembles that of an ancient Chinese commander, with long robes that reach down to his arms, likely due to the time he spent in the Kakin Empire. He also wears armor beneath his robes.


Beyond's personality caused the Zodiacs much shock because it practically is identical to that of his father; he is very self-confident and is able to win the hearts of the people with his charisma. However, just like Isaac, when someone speaks for a long time, he tends to get distracted very easily. He also displays a high regard for comrades, seeing as he wants to gather his friends.[1]

However, Beyond's central focus does not change depending on the circumstances, telling Mizaistom Nana that he is only interested in the Dark Continent and that he would be willing to stomach everything before the voyage. Beyond also admits honestly that he does not know of any spy within the Zodiacs.


Approximately fifty years ago, Beyond led a group of hunters and some members of the Kukan'yu Kingdom on an expedition to the Dark Continent to search for the alchemical plant Metallion. Beyond and his team succeeded in retrieving the plant, but on their way back, lost their way and took the wrong route. Some Hunters ended up contracting the Zobae Disease. Of the entire expedition team, Hunters included, only Beyond and five others survived, along with a Hunter infected by the disease. The expedition ultimately ended in failure with the plant's death. Isaac Netero remarked that Beyond had ignored his council and had taken an unexplored route, with this result. Beyond wanted to challenge it again but his father forbade it until his death. To prepare for the event of his father's death, Beyond began to search for talented individuals who would be able to tackle specific hazards of the Dark Continent.


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Beyonds expedition team

Beyond's expedition team

Beyond first appears when much of the world is shocked that Nasubi Hui Guo Rou, the King of the Kakin Empire, says that Kakin is going to finance a huge expedition into the Dark Continent located in "the Beyond." Beyond is the front-runner for taking this expedition by being its guide. When the world is ready to follow Beyond, he decides to ignore the prohibitions of the V5 about exploring the Dark continent and makes a speech with 10 important followers (with Pariston among them) saying that he is willing to see a land that nobody has ever seen. Meanwhile, the Zodiacs are given the special assignment to hunt him down, by the V5.[1]

341 - Beyond's proposal to the Zodiacs

Beyond Netero instructing the Zodiacs

While the Zodiacs are discussing about their next plans, Beans receives a call from Beyond Netero. He appears in person before the ten remaining Zodiacs, and instructs them to call the V5 for him, telling that the Zodiacs have "captured Beyond Netero". His instruction is quickly followed by an eager question of "give and take".[2] He is later confined within a cellar and interviewed by Cheadle Yorkshire. Beyond predicts that the Zodiacs will release him and follow him into the Dark Continent, which is then confirmed by the V5, who order the ten remaining Zodiacs to take an imprisoned Beyond to the Dark Continent and later release him. While under surveillance, Beyond will have to repel the members of his expedition team.[3]

When Saiyu is revealed to be a spy for Pariston, Mizaistom informs Beyond about a festival being held on August 8th the day before the departure and says he'll allow him to attend it if he reveals his knowledge about a spy. Beyond truthfully states that he knows nothing about a spy and cares even less about a voyage celebration, and further states that he'll simply endure his imprisonment until the day of the departure on King Hui Gui Rou's behalf, however his interests are in the Dark Continent. Beyond also goes onto saying that as long as Kakin pressures the V5, he would be begged to attend the festival anyway, though he rejects the notion and focuses on the journey they're embarking on which will make him a legend.[4]

As he predicted, Beyond is allowed to participate to the ceremony on the eve of the start of the expedition, where he waves at the crowd with the princes of Kakin.[5] He is later taken to a cell in the Black Whale, where he reads leisurely.[6]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Nothing is revealed of Beyond's powers, but judging from a previous expedition into the Dark Continent, in which he lead a group of hunters succeeded in at least retrieving Metallion, he would have to be highly skilled in survival techniques and combat. Botobai revealed he is able to use Nen. His big build speaks for a certain degree of physical strength. Beyond is also uncannily intelligent, proving he can anticipate the decisions of the V5, Kakin and the Zodiacs to ensure the success of the expedition. 

Trivia Edit

345 - Beyond Netero signs

Beyond signs the contract

  • When he was introduced, Isaac Netero displayed an incredible sense of balance by drinking with a straw from a glass on a plate he was holding up with his foot;[7] when talking to the Zodiacs, his son, Beyond Netero, accomplished a similar feat, keeping a pen standing on its tip without touching it.[8]


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