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Kyousei Tsukui

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Chapter 188

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Episode 78 (2011)


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Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders



Bihorn (ビホーン, Bihon) is a Minotaur-like Chimera Ant squadron leader who serves the Chimera Ant Queen directly and is one of her most loyal servants.[1]


Bihorn is a very tall and muscled Chimera Ant that strongly resembles a Minotaur.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

When the Chimera Ant Queen beckons all of the Squadron Leaders for an important announcement Bihorn along with Bloster and Panda assemble towards the Queen. On the way Bihorn complains how the Queen's voice gives him a headache.[1] With Netero, Morel Mackernasey, and Knov hunting the Chimera Ants surrounding the Nest, it's revealed that Bihorn is one of the fourteen Squadron Leaders to be left alive.[2] As the new King was born, Bihorn along with a numerous other amount of Chimera Ants witness it the birth and the watch as he mercilessly kills both Peggy and Turtle.[3] After the King leaves the nest, Bihorn is left dazed by the King's nature and actions against his own kind.[4]

Hagya along with Zazan appear before Bihorn and the other ants suggesting everyone should go independent to become their own Kings. Bihorn refutes that notion and doesn't think Hagya would get away with such a treason. Hagya then claims he's not the only one that wants to get out of the nest as well and become their own King as a large number of Chimera Ants appear in back of him supporting his plan, baffling Bihorn.[4]

When Colt returns with help from the Hunter Association, Bihorn and Panda inform him that aside from everyone in the nest all of the other Chimera Ants have left and a majority of their own soldiers have transferred to other squads.[5] Bihorn is briefly mentioned by Pike during the Phantom Troupe seige, whom says his web is so strong; not even Bihorn the strongest of all of the Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders could break it.[6]

Abilities & PowersEdit

During his time as a Squadron Leader, Bihorn had authority over his underlings, although he lost it following the death of the Queen. Despite never seen in action, it's stated by Pike that he is the strongest of the Squadron Leaders in terms of physical strength.


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