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  • HigashiVinShunsuke

    dont delete pls my editing wiki 

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  • Daedalus net

    Long Time eh?

    February 20, 2017 by Daedalus net

    Wow, It's been quite a while since I've been on here! I hope everyone else is doing great :D. I see some cool changes on here and it brings back so many memories. I'll be sure to find some time later in the week to come here and do some editing ^_^.

    If any of my favorite editors wants to have a chat with me... Or maybe someone I don't know.... よろしくお願いします!

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  • Olivemeister

    Since it's been talked about over and over and repeatedly confirmed as something that should be done, despite my reservations about possibly overstepping by creating a page I've decided to start putting one together. However, since I'm not sure whether or not it's better to have one page for both Alluka and Nanika or separate ones, I'd like to ask that while still putting together a new page.

    Obviously I won't be actually submitting it until I'm actually done with it, but I'd like to ask if there's any hard necessities for a page or suggestions for things you guys think are necessary - otherwise I'll just be copying the format seen on other character pages. Fair warning/reminder that I'm new to the whole thing and might end up doing a lot o…

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  • Martialmaniac

    Since Gon's page is still locked and no final decision has been reached despite us commenting on OPN's related blog, I'm forced to write this here. 

    I have recently expanded the decriptions of Gon's Nen abilities in the template. What however is still missing is Gon's technique called "Aiko" (translated as "Round 2" by Viz), from chapter 209, and later mentioned again in chapter 211. Gon uses it against Knuckle to use two of his Jajanken abilities in quick succession. Its exact mechanics are explained in chapter 211: Gon builds up twice the normal amount of aura for a Jajanken attack, so he expends half for the first ability and then half a few seconds later for the second. It failed against Knuckle because when he used it, he reached 0 P.A…

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  • Martialmaniac

    Recently, I asked a Japanese native speaker to investigate something for me. It is about the description of Netero's The Zero Hand provided by the narrator. Multiple translations of the manga and subs of the anime say Netero "turned his aura into light". Taken out of context, this could be either literal, implying Transmutation was used, or metaphorical. Viz seems to have opted for the latter version, since they translated it along the lines of "fired his aura as a flare".

    For this reason, I enlisted someone else's help to see what the original text said (it's chapter 297, by the way). He said:

    The original word for "turn" is "変える". This word contains the same kanji as "変化 (pronounced as henka)" (to transmute) of "変化系 (henkakei)" (Transmut…

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  • RumbleXRumble

    I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and also here's to hoping that in 2017 the Hunter × Hunter Manga is continued again!

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  • Olivemeister

    New mobile game

    December 17, 2016 by Olivemeister

    Just wanted to let you guys know that pre-reg has opened for HunterxHunter World Hunt . No word on when the game proper is gonna come out, but you can sign up with your email or twitter.

    So if you're not up to speed on what it is, er...

    There's not really a lot of info as to what the game actually is about, but it seems like you're legit in Greed Island or something very similar. No clue if there's a storyline, but it seems like there isn't. You make your own character and fight alongside canon characters. It's a turn-based RPG from what I can tell, but there's also going to be a real-time Guild Battle mode, whatever that's going to mean. There are also puzzle/quiz elements.

    Here's a gameplay video from the beta test that was held for Android…

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  • OnePieceNation

    Age Debacle.

    December 16, 2016 by OnePieceNation

    So it has come to my sad attention that we are no longer an edit war free wikia. Thanks to Martialmaniac and Hiatusxhiatus2 this is no longer the case well done guys. You should have come to one of the admins much sooner in stead of warmongering amongst yourselves. Shame on you, shame (ding ding) shame (ding ding ding) shame (ding ding ding). So what is the issue. Well the issue is the contradiction in the ages of Gon and Killua because according to the time span taken up by the story they are one age and by the guidebook they are another. Martial and Hiatusxhiatus are hereby invited to each make their plea for their view on the age issue without mentioning the other person. Can you please do that guys. Also everyone else is free to join t…

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  • Martialmaniac

    HxH timeline

    December 12, 2016 by Martialmaniac

    Somebody sent me a detailed HxH timeline. I haven't checked all of it, and the events followed by an asterisk are not confirmed to have happened precisely at that time, but the number of years that have passed and the last few arcs are overall correct. Can we make an article about it? I think it would be very helpful. As a source for the year, we have this page, for example.

    To that list, we should add:

    - September 8th, 1970: Nobunaga was born.

    - May 5th, 1987: Gon was born.

    - July 7th, 1987: Killua was born.

    It also confirms Gon and Killua are 14 now (they were 13 the last time we saw them though). If the databook ages of Kurapika and Leorio refer to when they took the Hunter Exam, then they now are 20 and 22. Also, this implies the medic made…

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  • Patrick x hunter

    what if he dies?

    December 12, 2016 by Patrick x hunter

    Yoshihiro Togashi has been on and mostly off the manga and it is because of his back pains but what happens if he dies? Is the hxh series over forever and all hope is lost or is it sold to highest bidder. i don't know but i'm curios if it will end with him or mangas can be passed on in a will or something?

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  • Kɪɴɢ5

    There is Only One Thing I Hate About Hunter x Hunter and That Is The Wait for a new Chapter/Volume. Who the heck wants to wait that long for an update?

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  • Martialmaniac

    Netero's page

    November 28, 2016 by Martialmaniac

    I just realized that for the sake of coherence, every time Netero is addressed on his page (or on any other page) we should use his first name, not his surname. Not so much because it has become confusing now that his son has appeared, but because we call every other character by name (and it would be silly to do otherwise). So I suggest we replace all the "Netero"'s on his page with "Isaac"'s, clearly excluding those parts where his full name is necessary.


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  • Patrick x hunter

    ok i want to make a friendly bet on how long until the manga comes back again if ever. no money, WEARE PLAYING FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS! who ever guesses the closest time to the next manga chapter release wins and those who say it is not coming back will win if he dies before any chapters come out. you can not give a span of time i.e. 4-8 months. no! you need to guess by the month or week. acceptable answers are: 3 months or 2 weeks or 1 year and 7 days, or 234 days or 3 months and 3 weeks.

    my guess is 5 months from the day this is posted.
    reason- i don't know its a guess Read more >
  • Derpy Diamond

    Hello Henterpedia!

    November 13, 2016 by Derpy Diamond

    I know that I should of have made this blog post earlier, but since I'm still new to the Hunterpedia I wanted to write a blog telling a little bit about myself. So I'm a HUGE fangirl of Hunter x Hunter and so I thought that I could contribute more to the Hunterpedia. Although, I do have some experiance with other wikias, such as the Steven Universe wikia that I have gotten up to 1,573 fricking edits on! And if your wondering why my dumb username is called Derpy Diamond, It's kind of related to Yellow Diamond from Steven Universe, so I added Derpy in it too make it cuter. So yeah........ I also really wanted to do a blog post. And yes, I spelled the title wrong. I don't call myself Derpy Diamond for nothing.

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  • Martialmaniac

    Uvo's Nen abilities

    November 5, 2016 by Martialmaniac

    A super quick blog post concerning Uvo's Nen abilities. I think we may have to:

    - remove Rock Storm from his Nen abilities (we can put the image near to the Strategy part EDIT: since he still uses aura, we should mention what he can do in the Nen section, but not the template), since he does not seem 1- to consider it a Nen technique (it does not have a name), 2- to require Hatsu to use it, which means it is not a Hatsu ability;

    - move all the content from "Durability" to the "Nen" section,  since it is the effect of his Ren (or Ken) and not a property of his body.

    What do you think?

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  • MrGenial11

    Jump Ryu Vol.21 was released on November 2nd, 2016.

    Watch Togashi draw the chapter 350 cover page in the first part and then show his office and answer some questions in the last part.

    Summary of the Jump Ryu pages and some what's said in the video below (Source: Sandman from Apforums)

    Before becoming mangaka

    • Togashi's parents managed a company which sold papers, painting tools, stationery and manga magazines. His father's hobby was drawing.
    • When Togashi was around 6 years old, he used to draw many of his original heroes and monsters.
    • When he was around 8 years old, he was inspired by one of his friends whose hobby is drawing manga. They showed their mangas with each other.
    • When Togashi was in junior high school, he was fully attracted by some Sh…

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  • Martialmaniac

    Organizing Trivia

    October 30, 2016 by Martialmaniac

    Hi everyone! Today I felt a bout of nostalgia, which is why I came back even though we are still on hiatus (that, and the fact I'm on reading week). As we have probably all noticed, the "Triva" section of som epages is a bit cluttered. I'd like to suggest a way to tidy it up a little with the minimum effort.

    My idea is to divide it in "Diegetic Trivia and Databook Information" (on Zeno's page "Bungee Gum was named after a brand of chewing gum", and also content from the databook and the Hisoka oneshot), "Anime and Manga Differences" (on Kite's page, "Kite's childhood was not revealed in the manga", as well as differences between the 1999 and the 2011 anime), "Intertextuality and References" (on Killua's page, "Killua may be based off Hiei […

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  • Olivemeister

    Working on more right now, but here's a link to what I've got done so far! I have the entirety of Osu! Training and The Serious vs. The Insane done, with a handful of translator's notes for the sake of maybe changing some wording around. I plan on cranking out Tonpa and Leorio's songs tomorrow - it all depends on whether or not I can find transcripts of the lyrics, basically, and I have Tonpa's and Leorio's.

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  • OnePieceNation

    All that Drama.

    October 19, 2016 by OnePieceNation

    So instead of working on my own two wiki's (animedatabase and stargateprogram) I spend the entire day going over the clustefuck which is the Alluka drama. So yeah olive-kun I have now read your entire document and I can't see Japanese for a while. You did make some valid points and I was a bit to short sighted and annoyed at you to give it fair consideration and I apologize for that. So how do I now stand on this issue first off it increased my hatred for traps and ambiguous characters secondly there seems to be enough evidence in favor for changing the pronouns even though I think the page should remain neutral. So I am leaving it up to Dark-chan she can decide what we do with the page (except if she wants to remove the gender ambiguity s…

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  • HunterxPhantom

    Hello! I guess some others might have noticed too that there is no english translation of the lyrics of the song The Eyes Burning with Scarlet (Kurapika Character Song). Since I do not enough knowledge of the Japanese language to translate the lyrics, I request someone who knows Japanese well to translate it.

    Thank you!

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  • Ironthumb

    recently wrote about a Hunter I invented. THis one is based on my own interests so it was easy for me to design him and his nen skills. I want you guys to share some Hunter ideas as well. Who knows maybe we can help the author come up with ideas he could use in the future installations as well:

    As you might have noticed I accidentally posted this as "new page " I though page and blog post are the same, but commenting isn't enabled there. I hope that is okay but if not I hope admins would just delete that. thanks

    I will re-post a post that I was inspired to write on my YES a Weight Lifting website - VERY VERY unrelated to Anime but I just couldn't help myself, the character and his ability just kept playing inside my head which can only be ca…

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  • Martialmaniac

    Hunter x Hunter Videos

    September 7, 2016 by Martialmaniac

    This is just a personal rant which I will probably soon delete, but I find it unnerving how many of the most popular videos on Hunter x Hunter are blatantly based on material from the "Trivia" section of several pages, yet the wikia is not cited anywhere. Of course, many people can have the same idea without one plagiarizing another source, but sometimes even the language is the same. It's unpleasant.

    Edit: I obviously found myself unable to remove this blog post. If an admin can delete it, they are free to do so.

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  • Bashfrog

    Disclaimer: There will be spoilers, and the formatting will be terrible.

    I'm pretty late on this, but Shalnark and Kortopi are pretty dead right now.  Even with antagonists in the HxH universe, I often still come out feeling a bit sad.  I mean, think of all the lost backstory and fights!  Of course, some characters may have run their course/purpose already, but still.  So, in order to make myself feel better, I'm going to attempt to judge each member of the Phantom Troupe on their actions and deserve/likely to get killed by Hisoka/Kurupika-ness, and hope that any inevitable deaths sting a little less (Ponzu: Never Forget).

    The Evidence- Well, he killed two chimera ants.  Kalluto also failed to conceal himself from Hisoka in the Gre…

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  • DJ Kurta

    The publisher official's voice: The hiatus will be extremely short this time. However, he will draw at least 3 or more chapters before publishing so I can't say he's resuming next week. Readers may think Mr. Togashi's long-term hiatus is natural and he'll take a break for 1~2 years, but this time that is unlikely to happen (laughs). Actually, in every issue of weekly Shōnen Jump there are hints given out that the series will be resuming soon. Only the editors might realize this aim of intention. Mr. Togashi is trying to work.  

    Forgive me for my crappy translation skills. I hope this great news is true.  

    Original link:   

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  • AnimeHunter11718
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  • Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz

    I love the idea of Gon and Killua becoming couple. Gon is the first friend Killua ever had. He helped Killua learn how to have fun. He didn't dismiss Killua when he told him that he came from a family of assassins. After meeting at the hunter exam the two do pretty much everything together. Saving Gon's life was the motivation that helped Killua free himself from Illumi's control. When Gon was almost done using the restriction and convenant that nearly cost him his life he tried to give comforting words to Killua. There's that little chibi clip where Killua kisses Gon. Killua blushes whenever Gon compliments him. After Gon is done using the restriction and convenient the first thing Killua did was take him to a hospital. They get along ver…

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  • Minato 87

    Togashi's hiatuses

    August 4, 2016 by Minato 87
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  • Tityh

    flat earth

    August 2, 2016 by Tityh

    Do you guys notice the world map condition of HxH world is similar with flat earth theory??

    Dark continent and the land beyond antartica...

    also about how the goverment (people who control the hunter society) gives order to forbid the dark continent exploration and how similar it is with condition of antartica which are guarded by military from all over the world?

    well sometimes fact is more bizzare than fiction.

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  • Crizinvest


    July 26, 2016 by Crizinvest

    How can someone talk directly to the Hunter X Hunter administrators? Need help.

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  • ZIGG Zoldygg

    Please, i will like to know What is happening with GON and What has happen to Don Freecs? Also, any Update about Zigg Zoldick?

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  • Bennlimos

    I just saw a clip of when chimera ant Kite was talking to Koala and these questions just popped. I know these are all gonna be speculations and theories so answer away.

    1) Does female kite have human body containing chimera ant genetics? If yes, would this mean she has now the capabilty to produce a stronger offspring through phagogenesis?

    2) Did female Kite retain crazy slots?

    3) Wont female Kite be considered the new Queen/King since she was born after the King? Or was she born as a soldier level ant?

    4) Who is stronger? The original Kite or the female Kite?

    5) do you think we'll see Kite in the DC arc? Maybe Ging would hire her?

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  • HunterxPhantom

    I was wondering if Chrollo can return the abilities he steals from other people. He even stole Shalnark's ability Black Voice!! And IF he cannot return them, then where will Light Nostrade get his income from??? 

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  • Sbotello

    Melody original form

    July 8, 2016 by Sbotello

    Hello fellow,

    I was wonderring if someday we will see Melody original body and if she is going to end up with Kurapika.

    You know there are many secondary stories in HxH world, but I hope that someday this will be resolved.

    What do you think about?

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  • Martialmaniac

    Hiatus Announced

    June 30, 2016 by Martialmaniac

    The series will be on hiatus starting from chapter 361, meaning this is the last chapter we'll get in a while. Crying is allowed. Oh well, at least, we'll have time to fix everything that needs fixing. Like every other time.

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  • Pigzillion

    Post any hatsu concepts you believe would be useful, paramount or invaluable for the Palace Invasion. Unlike the previous Hatsu Concepts board, you'll need to say how and why it would be effective for the mission; they could revolve around scouting, diversion, or simply combat focused that would be effective at fighting enemies stronger than yourself. That being said however, any combat heavy hatsu's would mostly have to revolve around the "Hit and Fade" strategy Knuckle and Shoot employ, aiming to hinder and handicap the enemy rather than blatantly defeat them. Also, because it would be used during the palace invasion arc, you are able to incorporate the other characters hatsu's into your explanation also, I.e Meleoron and God's Accomplic…

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  • Martialmaniac

    Can we add these stats to the pages of the chimera ants and each calamity? Rather, does anyone know how to make a grid? It would be an interesting addition. This information is from volume 33. Their meaning is explained here. Since the classification was made by V6 (I think), should we explain the stats on that page?

    For those who, like me, are dumb, the different values in the parentheses should mean that, depending on the conditions, the threat level may rise to the valor inside the parentheses.

    Also, information regarding Brion and Zobae contradicts the unofficial translation of chapter 346. Can anyone veify what Cheadle says in the official translation? Or check the Japanese raws? Thank you in advance.

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  • Martialmaniac

    A list of pages that we need to add while we debate on what to do with the inferred Nen type system:

    1. Tokkou's Head Undersecretary (the blond guy who reads about the calamities; I received permission from Darkchylde to make a page on him looong ago. His title is specified in chapter 359)
    2. Tokyarine (chapter 359)
    3. Woody (chapter 359)
    4. Nanika (voted)
    5. Borizoi (Hisoka's past)
    6. Kishita (Hisoka's past)
    7. Yasuda (Hisoka's past)

    I may be unable to access Viz for a few months, so someone else will have to make sure the names are corrected when the official chapter comes out, sorry. Also, congrats to whoever made the page about the Black Whale, I was going to add it to the list.

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  • Martialmaniac

    Inferred Nen Type

    June 19, 2016 by Martialmaniac

    The Nen types of abilities are getting a bit out of hand. I do believe we can infer certain things from the laws within the story. It is what is done on the Fairy Tail wiki for Magic types, and the A Song of Ice and Fire wiki regularly mentiones theories and multiple possibilities, clearly specifying what they are, because otherwise information is lacking: Hunter x Hunter, like other works, is not just made out of incontrovertible facts, hints and ambiguities are also relevant. Denying them means impoverishing the wiki.

    Still, we need to be precise. We have to say when the Nen type of an ability is something we inferred, and when it is confirmed. There are so many things we give for granted. Absurdly, not even Killua's Lightning Bolt was co…

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  • Nomami

    Hisoka Question!

    June 18, 2016 by Nomami

    I always wondered...does Hisoka use all of his Heaven's Arena Money on useless outlandish expensive clown outfits?

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  • Sbotello

    Hisoka Nen Potencial

    June 18, 2016 by Sbotello

    Hello Fellows,

    Long time since a write in the blog, but i was constantly reading yours.

    I have this question since the previews chapter (Desseption 2) and it was that, if Hisoka could reconstruct his hand and his foot with bungie gum, why he didnt make it in the combat??

    It was obvious that he lost the fiight with Kuroro in that moment.

    What do you think?

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  • Jon825lazery7


    June 16, 2016 by Jon825lazery7

    The layout you have is still the same like Dexter Wiki.

    I was wondering if any of you could show me the context of the layout. As a matter of fact, if I make you admins on my website, can any of you install it, please?

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  • Marceline Saga

    Hunter × Hunter and Shironeko Project will be holding a collaboration event from June 15 to July 6!

    → The official website


    Hunter x Hunter and Shironeko Project 1.png Hunter x Hunter and Shironeko Project 2.png

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  • Patrick x hunter

    sorry for the bad grammar in title. so this chapter started with the end of the chrollo and hisoka fight but after the fight we learn a new move by hisoka and he kills 2 of the spiders really fast. i thought the chapters have been going a little fast but wow. they are killed really fast and hisokas nen power is insane. tell me what you think about the chaper?

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  • Marceline Saga

    It's 6/6! Hisoka is getting lots of spotlights nowadays, no?!

    Happy Birthday Hisoka Morow! We ALL wish you a long life and great victory over him!! 💧^◡^

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  • Martialmaniac


    In the light of the recent revelations (Nanika comes from the Dark Continent, hence she is a separate entity from Alluka), MrGenial and I were debating whether it would be useful to add a page for Nanika. Changes to Alluka's page would be relatively minor: we would only have to add a link to Nanika's page, add in Alluka's infobox that Nanika is her, for example, "alter ego/?" (I was hoping to find a second term that clarified the two live in a symbiotic relationship, but I cannot find one in English), and we were wondering if move most of the information on whish-granting to Nanika's page or leave it as it is on Alluka's page and copying it on Nanika's. The last modification to Alluka's page would be the categories (not a Nen …

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  • Martialmaniac

    Short but important blog, people, check these out: 





    I don't have the authority to edit Alluka's page, but I'd like to take this chance and suggest again that we make a separate page for Nanika (and Nanika thinks of herself as a gendered being, so, while she may technically not even be alive, she is female XD). Implications:

    1. Nanika is a separate entity from Alluka

    2. Nanika is female (from previous material)

    3. Neit…

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  • MrGenial11

    This is an interview from April 22nd, 2016

    All credit for this translation goes to chiggix.

    Translation source

    Original source

    Togashi Yoshihiro (Hunter x Hunter) X Ishida Sui (Tokyo Ghoul) Special Talk & Release of Ishida Sui’s Treasured Hisoka Storyboard! The first talk between Hunter x Hunter’s Togashi Yoshihiro and Tokyo Ghoul’s Ishida Sui is released through “Shounen Jump +”! And Ishida Sui has drawn a story about Hisoka…?! First have a look at this epic discussion!

    — First, let me outline how Ishida Sui came to visit Togashi at his workplace and speak with him.

    Togashi: Yes.

    — Formerly, Ishida’s “Tokyo Ghoul JACK” was being serialized in “Shounen Jump+”’s predecessor “Shounen Jump LIVE”. Since it had such a good response, Ishida was asked if…

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  • Thiagom12

    This one-shot of Hisoka made by Sui Ishida is canon?

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  • Bluefox87

    I did a simmalar blog about this but we've only really seen on example of it. What are some goood examples of speciaization water divination. I know that changeing the color of the leaf is one example of it but  what are some other exapmles you can think of?

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  • MrGenial11

    This interview is from 2008.

    SJ: Shonen Jump
    T: Togashi Yoshihiro

    Young Yoshihiro:

    SJ: What were you like when you were younger (say, in middle school and high school)?
    T: when I was in middle school, I was a bright and optimistic kid, and when I was in high school, I was a dark and pessimistic young man.

    SJ: how old were you when you first started drawing? What sort of things did you draw?
    T: I started drawing around the 1st to 2nd year of elementary school. I was already drawing manga at that time.

    SJ: can you tell us about some of your artistic influences?
    T: I was introduced to H.R. Giger’s work through the movie Alien, and was greatly influenced by him.

    SJ: how did you become a professional manga artist?
    T: I submitted a piece to a Weekly Shonen…

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