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Manga Debut

Chapter 188

Anime Debut

Episode 78 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Yūya Murakami




Chimera Ant Squadron Leader




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Bloster (ブロヴーダ, Burovūda) is a Lobster-based Chimera Ant and former Squadron Leader.


Bloster's appearance resembles that of a humanoid lobster with two big claws for hands and human-like legs.


As a human he lived in NGL, and it's possible he was a soldier under the command of Gyro.


Chimera Ant arc

119 - Bloster attacks

Bloster attacks the tank

Bloster is first seen alongside Cheetu, complaining about the Queen's lack of the ability to talk as they do. Bloster along with his fellow Squadron leaders, attend Neferpitou's "celebration". If they can survive the pain from Rammot's attack, they'll gain access to their aura, which he's able to do. Bloster and Welfin are told to assist Leol in Peijin. When Flutter disappears, he and Welfin demand a new course of action, but are told no after Leol uses his Nen ability to copy Flutter's. After the Chimera Ant Queen's death,[1] he allies himself with Meruem and becomes one of his soldiers. During the Extermination Team's assault on The Republic of East Gorteau Palace, Bloster realizes Flutter (his corpse inhabited by Ikalgo) is a spy and destroys the body. Ikalgo defeats him using strategy, but cannot bring himself to kill him. Thanks to Ikalgo's kindness, Bloster who is still unconscious, is then taken by Welfin and is able to leave East Gorteau with his life.

Chimera Ant Reina thanking Brovada

Bloster decides to stay with Shidore

After the ordeal ends, Bloster has one last conversation with Welfin. They discuss Gyro and how he must be alive. Though Welfin tries to jog Bloster's memories of his human life, he only remembers that he was once a resident of NGL. He and Welfin then say their last goodbyes, since they'll probably never see each other again. After helping Shidore get back to her village he then decides that he should go. Shidore stops him from leaving, she thanks him and asks him to stay. After sharing a few tears, Bloster then returns to NGL alongside Shidore.

Abilities & Powers

Being a Chimera Ant, Bloster is endowed with all the benefits granted by his race. The fact that he is stronger than an average chimera ant is attested by his being a Squadron Leader. Bloster mainly fights using his Nen ability, a deadly combination of powerful shots and rapid fire that works well at any distance. Welfin, another Squadron Leader, was visibly afraid of the possibility of confronting Bloster, which might mean that Welfin's own ability, although it requires a simple vocal command, is slower than Bloster's. Having the genes of a crustacean, Lobster is shielded by a sturdy exoskeleton. Its exact degree of durability is unknown, but Ikalgo reckoned it might be able to stop a bullet shot with his air rifle at point-blank range, so he aimed at his unprotected joints. Although not overly smart, Bloster has demonstrated to be quite perceptive, noticing that "Flutter" had called Leol "Hagya" and realizing Ikalgo's plan to trap him between two shutters.


Bloster is an Emitter so he focuses on separating his aura from his body and throwing it against his enemies.

Lobster's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission Aura Blasts
Bloster Nen The bullets Bloster creates with his Nen are strong enough to obliterate part of the cab of a truck and alter the course of a tank, leaving dents where they had hit. He can also use them to quickly propel himself out of danger by pointing his claws to the ground and shooting out a continuous flow of aura.


  • Bloster's name is an anagram of "lobster" as well as a pun on "lobster" and "blaster".
  • Bloster is probably based on the real-life pistol shrimp.


  1. Hunter × Hunter - Volume 21, Chapter 215


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