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Blue Planet 2011

Blue Planet
Located in

Greed Island

Manga Debut

Chapter 185

Anime Debut

Episode 92 (1999)
Episode 75 (2011)

The Blue Planet is a rare blue gemstone that can only be found in Greed Island.


It is shaped like a sphere and the gem's surface seems to reflect light in a way that it produces an illusion of having an appearance of a blue planet's moving atmospheric surface hence where it got the gem's name.


Greed Island arcEdit

Blue Planet (G.I card)

Blue Planet in its card form

Obtaining the Blue Planet is Biscuit's main objective in playing Greed Island[1] and she receives it after helping Gon and Killua cleared the game. Biscuit nicknames it Planet-chan.[2]


The Blue Planet (G.I card) designated number is 81. It has a rank-limit of SS-5.


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