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From left to right: Bara, Genthru and Sub

The Bomb Devils (爆弾魔) (ボマー) are a trio whose goal is to finish the famous game Greed Island, and to accomplish that, they do not hesitate to kill or to blackmail other players to get their cards.


Bomb Devils
Genthru Portrait Sub Portrait Bara Portrait
Genthru Sub Bara


Bombers Release

"Releasing" the bombs

  • Genthru is the only member of the trio whom doesn't have a tattoo on his head.
  • When Genthru, Bara and Sub put their thumbs together and speak a certain keyword in unison, the time bombs planted by Genthru will explode simultaneously independently from the timer.
  • Though the name of their trio is the "Bomb Devils," the group is actually pronounced "Bomber" in Japanese.
  • The relationship among the members of the group seem to be higher than a simple alliance. Genthru, a normally cruel person, seemed to care for his teammate Bara by placing his wellbeing above his own, and similarly, Sub did the same to Genthru.[citation needed]

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