From left to right: Bara, Genthru and Sub

The Bomb Devils (爆弾魔) (ボマー) are a trio whose goal is to finish the famous game Greed Island, and to accomplish that, they do not hesitate to kill or to blackmail other players to get their cards.[1]


Bomb Devils
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Genthru Sub Bara


Bombers Release

"Releasing" the bombs

  • Genthru is the only member of the trio whom doesn't have a tattoo on his head.[2]
  • When Genthru, Bara and Sub put their thumbs together and speak a certain keyword in unison, the time bombs planted by Genthru will explode simultaneously independently from the timer.[3]
  • Though the name of their trio is the "Bomb Devils," the group is actually pronounced "Bomber" in Japanese.
  • The relationship among the members of the group seem to be higher than a simple alliance. Genthru, a normally cruel person, seemed to care for his teammate Bara by placing his wellbeing above his own[4] and similarly, Sub did the same to Genthru.[4]


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