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Bombardier Beetle Chimera Ant
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Takuma Suzuki

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Chapter 236

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Episode 100 (2011)


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Chimera Ant Captain

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The Bombardier Beetle Chimera Ant is a Chimera Ant Captain who carries the genes of the bombardier beetle and a dung beetle. He ambushes Killua along with other ants from Flutter's Squad.[1]

Appearance Edit

He is a beetle-like Chimera Ant with a rather anthropomorphic look. He is bald, with two antlers on his head and two much longer ones protruding from his scapulae. His body is a light shade of beige in color, except for his head and fingers, which are white. He also has a black shell on each shoulder. He wears maroon pants with a belt.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

The Bombardier Beetle tries to roll a giant dung-ball at Killua, realizes he's far too powerful for him to face, the Beetle he tries to flee. Killua pursues and tries to ambush the Beetle, only for him to use its special ability on him.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Bombardier Beetle Chimera Ant Ability

As a Chimera Ant he is stronger than normal humans. Having the genes of a bombardier beetle, he can release a toxic gas that is made of a combination of hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. The two chemicals are then sent into a reaction chamber within the Chimera Ant's body which secrets catalysts and peroxide causing a reaction that releases oxygen making generating enough heat to a boiling point. The heat then vaporizes a fifth chemical and is finally released causing a great explosion, incinerating its surroundings in a 100 Degree Celsius Temperature. He did it on a much larger scale, incinerating a large number of trees. He can also stand and run atop a huge ball of earth which, due to its weight and speed, has enough kinetic energy to bring down trees standing in its path.[1]


  • Chimera Ant arc
    • Bombardier Beetle and other members of Flutter's Squad vs. Killua Zoldyck[1]


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