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Bubble Horse
Bubble Horse



Baburu Hōsu

Primary Ability

Nen Bubbles

Located in

Greed Island Badlands

Manga Debut

Chapter 136

Anime Debut

Episode 77 (1999)
Episode 62 (2011)

The Bubble Horse (バブルホース, Baburu Hōsu) is a Greed Island animal which looks like a horse and lives in the hills.[1]


The Bubble Horse is a type of horse that releases red and white bubbles that when popped, releases a loud noise which it uses the opportunity to escape.[1]


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Bubble Horse card

The Bubble Horse (G.I card) is a C-rank card with a 50-card limit. Its designated number is 585. It can be obtained once the horse is caught.


Bubble Horse's Bubbles

The Bubble Horse's ability

The Bubble Horse releases white and red bubbles from its mouth, and shakes them off with his tail. The bubbles spread around and act as a diversion. White bubbles will burst if they come in contact with aura. On the other hand, red bubbles will burst if they touch anything other than aura, if it's a person in a Zetsu state, or any other object. To counter against this tactic, a player needs to keep track of all bubbles, diverting from them or switching quickly between Zetsu and Ten when contact is inevitable,[1] until they reach the horse and grab it.[2]


  • Its ability and head/mouth format may be partly based off a play with words or a pun, that being the English words "horse" and "hose" which in Japanese are homophones and homographers written and read as hōsu (ホース)—although for the animal this use is uncommon.


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