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"My dish of whole roast pig!!"

— Buhara's instructions to the Hunter Exam applicants[1]
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Buhara HxH 2011





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Chapter 10

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Episode 9 (1999)
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Keiji Takahashi (1999)
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Buhara (ブハラ, Buhara) is a Gourmet Hunter and, alongside Menchi, one of two proctors presiding the second phase of the 287th Hunter Examination.[1]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Buhara 2011 Design

Buhara 2011 Design

Buhara is a hulking figure with a large potbelly and an even larger appetite. He is capable of consuming large amounts of food more than his own body weight.[2]


Buhara has an easy-going nature that greatly contrasts with Menchi's highly selective one.[2] However, he also has a tricky side, telling the examnees they could capture any kind of boar while the only species living in the site of he test is the most dangerous in the world.


Hunter Exam arc

Buhara was the examiner during the first round of the second phase. His conditions for passing were for the examinees to hunt down any wild boar in the Visca Forest Reserve and bring it back to him, roasted and ready to eat. The only type of wild boar in the forest was the Great Stamp—a giant horned boar several meters tall. Even so, seventy out of 148 candidates found the Great Stamp and passed his round.[1] Though he is satisfied by the candidates, Menchi, who was angry because Todo underestimated the Gourmet Hunter's job, managed to reject all the candidates making them fail the exam. Todo, enraged, charged Menchi, but is immediately batted away by a single strike from Buhara, who apparently saved him from an even more brutal, perhaps fatal, assault by Menchi. Netero then appears on the scene, who convinces Menchi to give the candidates another chance since the challenge was rather unfair.[3]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Buhara participated in the voting for the next chairman alongside other Hunters.[4]

Abilities & Powers

He is shown to have great physical strength, by throwing a large man like Todo in the air effortlessly. Having served as an examiner, he is probably a competent Gourmet Hunter and, as such, capable of using Nen.[3] He has the uncanny ability to eat a quantity of food larger than his own body (70 roast Great Stamp), the only possible explanation being that his digestion is incredibly fast.


  • When the examiners talk about which rookie is going to pass, Buhara chooses Hisoka.[5]


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