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"My dish of whole roast pig!!"

— Buhara's instructions to the Hunter Exam applicants[1]
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Buhara HxH 2011





Japanese Voice

Keiji Takahashi (1999)
Jun'ichi Kanemaru (2011)

English Voice

Michael Sorich (2011)

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Chapter 10

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Episode 9 (1999)
Episode 6 (2011)


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Buhara (ブハラ, Buhara) is a Gourmet Hunter and, alongside Menchi, one of two proctors presiding the second phase of the 287th Hunter Examination.[1]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Buhara 2011 Design

Buhara 2011 Design

Buhara is a hulking figure with a large potbelly and an even larger appetite. He is capable of consuming large amounts of food more than his own body weight.[2]


Buhara has an easy-going nature that greatly contrasts with Menchi's highly selective one.[2] However, he also has a tricky side, telling the examinees they could capture any kind of boar while the only species living in the site of the test is the most dangerous in the world.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

Buhara in the 2011 anime adaptation

Buhara announces his condition to pass the first part of the 2nd Phase of the Exam

Buhara is introduced as one of the examiners during the second phase and was in charge of the first round of the 2nd phase. Buhara being absolutely ravenous, declared that he wants roast pork. The pigs needed to make the dish were said to be found in the Visca Forest Reserve. Surprisingly enough 70 out of 148 examinees manage to get and prepare a roast pork dish for Buhara.[1] Satisfied with the all of the roast pigs, Buhara passes all 70 examinees. Menchi disapproving of Buhara's handling of the part of the phase announces that Sushi will be the dish the examinees will have to prepare. Buhara questions Menchi's choice and thinks that her bad habit might come into play, which sadly does when none of the examinees could prepare a perfect plate of Sushi for Menchi and fails all 70 of the examinees.[2]

As Menchi tells the results to Beans on the phone, Buhara sits quietly by hear, and brings up the point that one of the rules of the Exam she placed was just the rule on the surface and the actual judging was to be based on observational skills and something else that he couldn't mention, because he was cut off by Menchi. In the end Menchi stubbornly tells Beans that no examinee passed the 2nd Phase of the Exam. Hearing this one of the examinees Todo becomes enraged and smashed one of the kitchenware used to make the sushi and tries to retaliate against Menchi, only to be sent flying backwards into a window on the warehouse for the 1st part of the 2nd Phase of the Exam, by a palm thrust by Buhara. Menchi then asks why Buhara did what he did, and he responds that if he didn't intervene, she would have killed him. Menchi then explains the trials and endeavors that Gourmet Hunters have to go through and as she does Netero then appears on the scene, who convinces Menchi to give the candidates another chance, since the challenge was rather unfair. So Menchi changes her choice of meal to Boiled Spider Eagle Egg from Mt. Mafutatsu.[3]

The examiners in the airship

The Examiners talk about whom they favor the most

From this trial 42 examinees pass the 2nd Phase of the Exam.[3] After the 2nd Phase of the Exam, Buhara and the other Examiners enjoy a meal together and talk about the examinees in Exam. When the conversation shifts to which examinee they favor the most, Buhara chooses Hisoka. He details that when Menchi lost her temper, he exerted a massive amount of negative energy.[4] After the 4th Phase of the Exam the Examiners enjoy a meal with Netero and question what he has in store for the final phase of the Exam, to which he responds he'll have the examinees have unusual fights. When Netero finishes up the template of who the examinees will fight and shows it to the examiners, Buhara questions if he's serious. Netero seemingly serious says that he is.[5] The next day Buhara and the other Examiners oversee the Final Phase of the Exam[6] and the Final Phase of the Exam, attends the debate held after it arguing if Illumi somehow Manipulated his younger brother Killua into killing Bodoro.[7]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Buhara and Menchi

Buhara and Menchi watch the final 4 Candidates give there speeches

Buhara participated in the voting for the next chairman alongside other Hunters.[8] During the final 2 elections held in the Hunters Association Auditorium, Buhara watches the proceedings with Menchi.[9]

Abilities & Powers

Buhara has access to all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. He has great physical strength, which he demonstrated by throwing a large man like Todo in the air effortlessly, knocking him out in one blow. Having served as an examiner, he is probably a competent Gourmet Hunter and, as such, capable of using Nen.[3] He also has the uncanny ability to eat a quantity of food larger than his own body (70 roasted Great Stamps), the only possible explanation being that his digestion is inhumanly fast.[2]


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