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Captain npc
Captain NPC
Primary Ability

Ticket out of Greed Island

Manga Debut

Chapter 146

Anime Debut

Episode 80 (1999)
Episode 65 (2011)

The Captain NPC is an NPC of the game Greed Island. He determines who is able to leave, by boat, from the Island, and sails them to the exit. He can be found on the only port in the game. To get on the boat, one needs a ticket obtained by either bribing him or defeating him in a fight.[1]


His mood seems to change. Depending on how he's feeling, the bribe offered can differ from one day to the next.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

Passage Ticket (G.I card)

The Captain NPC in card form 2011

Killua confronts the Captain NPC in order to leave the game to take the 288th Hunter Exam and easily defeats him.[1]


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