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Cat Diner NPC
Primary Ability

Gives information

Located in

Antokiba, Greed Island

Manga Debut

Chapter 129

Anime Debut

Episode 74 (1999)
Episode 61 (2011)

The Cat Diner NPCs are a group of NPCs that runs a restaurant in Antokiba on Greed Island.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit


The NPC made Gon and Killua wash dishes.

They can provide information about the monthly tournaments, basic information about cards, and how to get money in the island. Their restaurant offers players to eat an incredibly large serving of pasta with no charge and a Galgaida (G.I card) if they can finish it within thirty minutes. When Gon and Killua just started the game they finished the restaurant's challenge, but they were unable to pay for their sodas so they were forced to do manual labor to compensate for their unpaid drinks.[1]


  • Gon and Killua don't order sodas in the 2011 Anime thus exempting them from doing the dishes for the Cat Diner NPC.
  • The Cat Diner NPC is voiced by Tony Oliver in the 2011 Anime.


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