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2011 | 1999


Cemetery Building
Located In

Yorknew City

Controlled By

Mafia Community

Manga Debut

Chapter 73

Anime Debut

Episode 52 (1999)
Episode 42 (2011)

Cemetery Building is located in Yorknew City. It is where the Mafia's annual Underground Auction takes place.[1]


Yorknew arc

Burnt cemetary building

Cemetery Building on fire

During the Yorknew City arc, many important figures of the Mafia community gathered here to participate in the event and it was protected by a large number of gangsters, and even police officers. People without an authorization card were not allowed to go inside, unless a Mafia member confirmed that they weren't enemies.[2] It was in the basement of this building that the battle between Zeno and Silva Zoldyck against Chrollo Lucilfer happened.[3]


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