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Takuma Suzuki

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Chapter 192

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Episode 79 (2011)


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Chimera Ant Soldier

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Centipede was a Chimera Ant soldier from Yunju's division.


82 - Centipede's appearance

Centipede's appearance

Centipede is a humanoid Chimera Ant with sixteen arms, yellow skin and mannequin-like articulations. He is bald, with a black spot on his forehead resembling a symbol, a goatee and oval eyes with green scleras and cruciform black pupils.


Chimera Ant arcEdit

82 - Centipede vs Gon

Centipede versus Gon

When Gon, Killua and Kite meet Yunju's division inside a hidden drug factory of NGL. They start to fight and Centipede is sent after Gon.[1] During the fight Centipede is amazed by Gon enormous physical strength and start to feel his Nen. Scared that he cannot escape because of Yunju's menaces, he decides to rush towards Gon. Ready to try to parry Gon's powerful fists by sacrificing some of his arms and with the remaining ones, attack Gon before he can recover.[2]

82 - Centipede defeated by Gon

Centipede defeated by Gon

Unfortunately for Centipede, Gon, instead of his fists, uses his Scissors ability and bifurcated him. Fatally injured but not dead, Centipede waits on the floor for Gon to come near him so that he can at least poison him with his fangs but Kite then appears and shot Centipede in the head warning Gon that they should aim for the chimera ants' head to be sure that they are dead.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Centipede like all Chimera Ant is stronger than normal humans. In battle he uses his numerous arms to deliver a barrage of fists against his enemies. As a last resort Centipede can also poison them with his poisonous fangs.[2]


  • Centipede is a name given by Madhouse for the 2011 anime. He is not named in the manga. 


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