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The Chairman Awaits
Chapter Information
Chapter 12
Page length 20 pages
Release date May 25th, 1998 (Weekly Shonen Jump #1498, No.26)
September 2nd, 1998 (tankōbon format)
Volume 2 A Struggle in the Mist (Volume)
Corresponding episode Episode 10 (1999)
Episode 6 (2011)
Arc Hunter Exam arc
Chapter Guide
The Inevitable Outcome
A Game At Midnight, Part 1

The Chairman Awaits (会長参上, Kaichō Sanjō) is 12th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Menchi calls the Hunters Association, telling them that no one passed the second phase. The candidates are not convinced by this and get angry at her. In Netero's hotel, Beans tells him about Menchi's decision. Netero decides that there is no other choice but to visit Menchi himself.

Back to the Hunter Exam, Todo charges at Menchi, but is easily stopped by Buhara. Menchi starts to lecture the candidates never to underestimate Gourmet Hunters, and all Hunters must know the art of fighting. The president arrives and solves the problem. The test will continue, but Menchi has to demonstrate first what to do. Menchi agrees, and asks Netero if he could let all the candidates ride the airship.

The airship lands on Mt. Split-in-Half where the Spider-Eagle's nest lays. These creatures use webs to hang their eggs to protect them from predators. There is also a deep river underneath the nest. Menchi jumps off the cliff and easily gets an egg. She tells the candidates that they will boil this egg as their ingredient. Several candidates think jumping down the cliff is insane, including Todo and gave up. The remaining candidates start to jump down, one by one. Gon and his friends succeed in getting and boiling an egg and only 42 candidates are left for the third phase of the Hunter Exam.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This is the first chapter of Hunter × Hunter to announce a hiatus.


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