How to Defend Yourself Without Spells
133 Cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 133
Page length 16 pages
Release date April 4th, 2002 (tankōbon format)
Volume 14 The Secret of Greed Island
Corresponding episode Episode 76 (1999)
Episode 62 (2011)
Arc Greed Island arc
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The Forty Spells
The Island's Secret
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How to Defend Yourself Without Spells (呪文以外の防御法, Superu Igai no Gādo Hō) is the 133rd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


After winning an Imposed Card from the tournament Gon and Killua start to think on how can they defend the card they have acquired, since they don't have any other cards such as cards that can protect the items from getting robbed. Players who saw them in the tournament keeps on tailing them, as Killua states that they can't do a single to a player who are weak, but have spells on them then Killua have thought of an idea based on the explanation from Nickes group. A certain player who is targeting the two seems hesitant to steal the card from them, as he thinks about his situation and the amount of money he can sell the card that two won which he founds out on what it is by using the spell card List and he made his decision to use a rare card called Thief, which seems he is hesitant to use a couple of time until today.

The man suddenly gets out from hiding and asks the two to put the Sword of Truth to the ground and threatens them, but Killua just rejects his proposal to where both Gon and Killua summon their binder but the man who is hesitant knew that the two doesn't have any spells from the Imposed card slots except for the one they have won, the hesitant man uses up his rare card steal, but eventually failed since there is no card inserted from Killua's binder instead they have put the Sword of Truth in their Free Slot.

Another guy appears and knew what was happening and immediately takes a card called Pick Pocket that can take a card from the free slot however when he uses the card it literally failed since the card isn't in Killua's binder. Another pick pocket card is used by the same guy and steals a Free slot card from Gon's binder however a card which holds a Rock (G.I card) is given to him, to where Killua notice that Gon picked a lot of them. The guy now hesitant to steal another card from them since that two is mixing up card information to confuse player by putting Imposed Cards to Free Slots or using a defense Method by Risking High value cards from a spell like Pickpocket or Trade by filling up their Free Slots with useless cards.

The third guy appears and tells that he knew that the Sword of Truth can't be found in Killua's Binder, but can be take from Gon's binder by using a spell card called Sightvision. The third guy is confident that he can steal the valuable card that Gon has in his binder a spell card called Rob (G.I card), which literally can choose a card at his own will to take from another player, as he is about to use the Rob card Gon takes the card from his hand unable to trigger it, but Gon eventually brings it back to him. Killua said that Gon is a professional Hunter and they can't rely on spells alone to be able to protect their card.

Before leaving the third guy who attempted to steal card from the two warns them that their method can only be used from weak opponents adding that there are more stronger players that plays the game that can easily steal their cards. Gon and Killua agrees to the guy's warning that if ever someone target them with not much of a difference in their skill they have a high chance on losing their cards. Suddenly another group of people approaches them telling the two that weak people are not the only ones tailing them adding that only amateurs are the ones who are fool enough to join a competition, the two get pissed off on them as they decide to go to the City of Masadora next.

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