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The Path of Majority Rules
Chapter Information
Chapter 15
Page length 20 pages
Release date June 22th, 1998 (Weekly Shonen Jump #1502, No.30)
September 2nd, 1998 (tankōbon format)
Volume 2 A Struggle in the Mist (Volume)
Corresponding episode Episode 13 (1999)
Episode 8 (2011)
Arc Hunter Exam arc
Chapter Guide
A Game At Midnight, Part 2
Enter The Taskmasters

The Path of Majority Rules (多数決の道, Tasūketsu no Michi) is the 15th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


On Trick Tower, 40 candidates are left for the 3rd phase of the exam. They will have to go to the bottom of the Tower within 72 hours. One candidate tries to climb down the wall's exterior, as he is a mountain climber. Shortly after he begins his descent, he is easily killed by the Trick Towers Six-legged Flying Beasts and the candidates quickly realize that climbing down is not an option.

Kurapika notices that many candidates have disappeared, meaning there is a hidden entrance leading into the tower somewhere. He meets back with Gon and Killua, who have found several trap doors. Meanwhile, Lippo, the 3rd phase examiner, and the prisoners under his watch get ready for the first set of candidates. Back up to Gon, they find five doors close to each other. Killua thinks each door can only be used once, and when used become blocked thereafter. The group gets in place and ready to enter the doors Gon found. At the count of three, they all jump and land in the same room.

There is a note on the wall saying that they need five people in order to participate in the Path of Majority Rules. There are five watches with X and O buttons on them. Lippo explains the rules through a speaker. After two hours, a fifth person arrives, who happens to be Tonpa.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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