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Enter the Taskmasters
Chapter Information
Chapter 16
Page length 20 pages
Release date June 29th, 1998 (Weekly Shonen Jump #1503, No.31)
September 2nd, 1998 (tankōbon format)
Volume 2 A Struggle in the Mist (Volume)
Corresponding episode Episode 13 (1999)
Episode 8 (2011)
Arc Hunter Exam arc
Chapter Guide
The Path of Majority Rules
Desparate Choice

Enter the Taskmasters (試練官登場, Shirenkan Tōjō) is the 16th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Only 69 hours are left and everybody is ready to move. There is a door with instructions stating, "Press O to open and X to not open." All of them cast their votes and the result is X-1 and O-4. Tonpa apologizes for pushing the wrong button. Leorio gets angry at him for this. Shortly after, they hit a fork and come across another question: "Which direction? O for the right and X for the left." The result is X-2 and O-3. Leorio, who chose the left path, is not satisfied with this result. Kurapika explains that people typically tend to choose left when lost, so the left side is most likely more difficult.

The group then sees a ring suspended above a giant pit in the middle of a room; there are prisoners waiting on the other side. One takes his cape off and introduces himself as Bendot. Their goal is to fight with the candidates, one against one. If Gon's team loses, they will have to spend their remaining time inside the tower. They must win three out of five matches in order to proceed. They choose to accept the match using Majority Rules.

Bendot is the first one to fight for his group. Tonpa volunteers to go first to "test the waters". Bendot proposes a fight to death, to which Tonpa agrees. The prisoner charges himself to his opponent, but without further ado, Tonpa quits. Everyone looks dumbfounded and the win goes over to Bendot's team. Leorio is infuriated with Tonpa over this.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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