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The Trap of Majority Rules
Chapter Information
Chapter 19
Page length 20 pages
Release date July 18th, 1998 (Weekly Shonen Jump #1506, No.34)
November 4th, 1998 (tankōbon format)
Volume 3 Resolution (Volume)
Corresponding episode Episode 15 (1999)
Episode 10 (2011)
Arc Hunter Exam arc
Chapter Guide
The Two Aces in the Hole
Gambling Time

The Trap of Majority Rules (多数決の罠, Tasūketsu no Wana) is 19th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Leorio volunteers for the next match, but the prisoners reject it because Majitani is only unconscious and the match is a death match. It will only end if Kurapika kills him or if either admits defeat. Kurapika refuses, making it hard for Leorio to continue. Leorio and Killua lecture Kurapika about their limited time and how he should also think of others. Killua soon realizes that it's pointless to try and change his mind. Gon and Tonpa think the same as well.

Hisoka makes his way through the mazes and enters one room. A man is sitting in the center of the room and claims to be waiting for Hisoka. He tells him that he will take revenge for the scars Hisoka has given him. He was the examiner last year, whom Hisoka tried to kill because he didn't like him. The ex-examiner uses four bill-hooks to attack. After a series of dodging and attacking, Hisoka easily stops the blades which took the ex-examiner half a year to learn to grab. He is later beheaded by Hisoka. He moves on and is the first examinee to get to the bottom of Trick Tower, in 6 hours and 17 minutes.

Back to the group, the others are still waiting for Majitani to wake up. After a long time, Killua finally assumes that Majitani is already dead.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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