What happened to your smirk, Pariston? I absolutely refuse to let you have your own way!

—Cheadle Yorkshire, thinking to herself

Chapter Information
Chapter 332
Page length 17 pages
Release date December 28th, 2012 (tankōbon format)
Volume 32 Total Defeat (Volume)
Corresponding episode Episode 144 (2011)
Episode 145 (2011)
Arc 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc
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Day of Reckoning
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Applause (喝採, Kassai) is the 332nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter series, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Mizaistom sacrifices himself and asks his fellow Hunters to vote for Cheadle. When she went in front, Cheadle only wanted the other Hunters to vote for Leorio which surprised most of them. Meanwhile, Leorio is too preoccupied with thinking about his speech. Pyon already called him but he was not paying attention. Leorio started his speech with acting immediately in curing Gon. He states that when Leorio was doing nothing but drinking or studying, Gon was fighting with the ex-chairman Netero.

Finally, Alluka wakes and finds herself inside Gon's room. Killua explains Gon's situation but Alluka disapproves, as she doesn't want to turn into "it" again and leave Killua. He assures Alluka that they will always be together, just like he promised. From someplace else, Illumi thinks of a way about the situation and defines Alluka's ability as an unbelievably strong tool if tamed.

Back to Leorio, he begs the Hunters that if anyone knows how to save Gon, tell him. With this, Cheadle figured out that the reason that Ging did not dodge Leorio's attack on him before was because he saw potential for Leorio to become a good chairman as long as he is given their support, which led her the decision to hand her votes to Leorio and not let Pariston have his way. The audience applauded for a very good speech, which also surprised Leorio. Pariston then makes his way in front, but Cheadle knows for sure that Pariston will not win no matter what he say. Killua asks "it" to turn Gon back to normal, to which "it" agrees.

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