Total Defeat
Color 334
Chapter Information
Chapter 334
Page length 19 pages
Release date December 28th, 2012 (tankōbon format)
Volume 32 Total Defeat (Volume)
Corresponding episode Episode 145 (2011)
Arc 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc
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Total Defeat (完敗, Kanpai) is the 334th chapter of the series Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Pariston asks once again what Leorio would do after becoming the chairman, Leorio then repeats that all that he wants is to save Gon's life. So Pariston, in order to waste time, starts to attack the commandments of the Hunter Association and how Leorio doesn't even know how to improve the association. Cheadle then intervenes declaring that she will act as Leorio's supervisor, even if it'll cost her position as one of the Zodiacs. Leorio is still worried about Gon, when Morel enters the room in tears, saying that Gon is safe. Gon then appears along all his friends that waited his recovery room. Immediately, Leorio in tears, runs over and starts to hug him. Everybody then begins to applaud them. While Gon, along with Hanzo are distracted by the crowd, Morel tells Leorio that he can't tell Gon that it was thanks to Killua that he recovered.

Meanwhile Cheadle realizes that they were completely defeated, due to Gon's sudden appearance, Leorio has lost both his motivation and his support. Cheadle then admits defeat and asks Pariston how he knew that this would've happened. Pariston answered that he foreseen this when Ging announced his candidacy and said that Gon won't die. When Leorio became a candidate he understand what he must do to win. Cheadle shocked says that it's impossible, and that he couldn't of foreseen all of this, simply from Ging's words. Pariston answers saying that just like friends, they believe in each other, because they are rivals. Gon, who is looking among the crowd, sees Dwun and List and that they're pointing at Ging. Ging, who is still seated, thinks about what he should do now.

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