The Association isn't your sandbox any longer. Don't mess with it anymore. I'll play with you personally from now on. Until you beg me to stop.

Ging Freecss

342 - Cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 342
Page length 18 pages
Release date June 9th, 2014
June 3rd, 2016 (tankōbon format)
Volume 33 Threats (Volume)
Arc Dark Continent Expedition arc
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Challenge (布告, Fukoku) is the 342nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Beyond Netero is kept within a cell while Cheadle Yorkshire interviews him, and the rest of the Zodiacs stand by and watch. Beyond makes a prediction that the Zodiacs will end up releasing him and join him to the Dark Continent. Cheadle dismisses the idea, calling it an unrealistic delusion. She proposes that their conversation shall be recorded, for she knows that Beyond is in the offensive, while she and the Zodiacs are in the defensive.

Elsewhere, the employees of the government discuss about the previous Dark Continent expeditions. In their records, there are 149 attempts to challenge the voyage, but only 28 people survived from the five other voyages, which includes Beyond Netero. Out of the 28 survivors, only three were able to return to their ordinary lives. One employee asks about the "guides", and another answers that they are a race of people called "gate-keepers" to the Dark Continent. A female employee asks if the Five Great Calamities are well-documented, which the first employee agrees to. The speaker of the meeting proposes that V5 should be ushered in, and be made V6 instead.

342 - Beyond in Captivity

Beyond Netero in captivity

As Cheadle and Beyond continue on their interview, Kanzai gets confused about the conversation, and asks someone to translate it for him. Saccho Kobayakawa simply answers that Beyond offers the King of Kakin to become a historical figure in exchange for a ticket to the Dark Continent. Beyond then declares a war against the Zodiacs, which Cheadle accepts. She asks Mizaistom Nana to contact the V5. It is later confirmed that the Zodiacs will indeed go to the Dark Continent with Beyond, even against their will. When Kanzai gets confused again, Gel explains that Beyond will be transported to the Dark Continent, imprisoned and then released. While under their surveillance, Beyond will make contact with his companions. Saccho offers to Cheadle to watch over Beyond Netero, while the subject in question agrees.

342 - Black Whale Ship

The Black Whale ship

The speaker of the meeting earlier thinks that the book he read recently is a writer's fantasy, in which the older employee replies with a laugh. In some other place, the Black Whale transport ship is presented to the people. It is said to carry about 200,000 people, and in the next years, King Nasubi Hui Guo Rou will send 1,000,000 ships to the Dark Continent. The TV reporter continue to explain that the maiden voyage will carry Beyond Netero, King Hui Guo Rou, and 14 princes. More reporters discuss about the bestiary known to mankind.

342 - Ging and Expedition Team

Ging's arrival

Ging Freecss arrives in the lair of Beyond's expedition team, and confronts Pariston Hill. Ging explains that if the government doesn't answer to Beyond's taunt and send them to the Dark Continent, Pariston would send in 5,000 Chimera. He continues that he will no longer allow Pariston to do as he pleases and challenges him. When Pariston sounds confident that Ging will join him, Ging answers that he wants to "play by himself."

Chapter NotesEdit

  • The known world is located within an enormous lake called Lake Mobius that lies in the center of the Dark Continent.
  • Humanity tried to go to the Dark Continent at least 149 times. Only five trips of these had returning survivors, for a total of twenty eight people. Of them, Beyond is the only one still alive today.
  • The five voyages were all unofficial and took place after V5 formed the Inviolability Treaty.
  • The current state is that mankind cannot cross the Far Ocean Boundary without the Guide's help. Meaning that mankind has not succeeded in making a single round trip by themselves.
  • From the twenty eight survivors only three people were able to pass various tests upon their homecoming and return to their daily lives. That's a rate of 0.04% (3 out of 7,500 people.)
  • The Guide is a being summoned by the Gatekeeper.
  • The Gatekeeper is from a magical beast clan with the only pipeline to the Dark Continent. Traveling there without their help is difficult.
  • V5 considers inviting Kakin and reorganizing themselves as V6 while supporting Kakin's journey, since the only means to stop them are limited and military.
  • In the neutral zone inside the Far Ocean Boundary, there are many uninhabited islands that could pretend to be the New Continent, as well as accept immigrants who will spend their new lives there.
  • The actual voyage will be left to Kakin, while the Hunter Association will act as their chaperone.
  • Cheadle agrees to accompany Beyond in his voyage. She changed her plans by requiring the entire Association's help instead of only the Zodiacs.
  • The Black Whale will be the transport vessel responsible for carrying 200,000 people inside it. The King has declared his country will build 20 of these in one year, sending 100 million people to the "Dark Continent" in only five years.
  • The commemorative ship will carry Beyond, the king and the fourteen princes. While civilians will be picked by lottery with an odds of 1 in 1,300 of landing a seat in the first ship.
  • Rumors say that the Dark Continent harbor deadly Rank-B or even Rank-A creatures. Rank-C creatures are the likes of bears, sharks, poisonous snakes and wasps.
  • Ging appears before Pariston and asks him to be a part of his team.
  • Ging claims that Pariston is sheltering 5,000 Chimera soldiers.

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