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Chapter 354
Page length 19 pages
Release date May 23rd, 2016
Volume 34 Battle to the Death (Volume)
Arc Succession Contest arc
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Head (頭部, Tōbu) is the 354th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chrollo gets hit by Hisoka's sneak attack, but manages to recover. Hisoka uses the severed heads to destroy the heads of the manipulated spectators, thus incapacitating them. Hisoka launches an attack on Chrollo, but Chrollo again retreats into the audience. Hisoka restrains one puppet to prevent Chrollo from adding new puppets. Hisoka thinks of Chrollo's possible responses; either keeping the puppet and mobilizing the others, or abandoning the puppet to create others. In the latter case, he would either use the stamp on the copies, or transform. Hisoka correctly predicts the second option, but realizes that Chrollo could transform into someone else after creating copies. Hisoka pursues Chrollo into the crowd, and goes on an all-out offensive to pressure him. He then flings several audience members, to whom he attached Bungee Gum, towards Chrollo. Chrollo dodges, but Hisoka has managed to attach Bungee Gum to him. He drags him, and launches several strikes, apparently killing him. However, Hisoka finds that it was simply a dummy that he killed, and that the dummies have been afflicted by Sun and Moon to make them lasting.

Chapter NotesEdit

  • An adult male head in the world of Hunter × Hunter weighs approximately 7 to 8 kilograms; one and a half times as heavy as its counterpart in the real world. (Around 5 kilograms.)
  • Hisoka finds out that a copy marked with The Sun and Moon won't vanish even after Gallery Fake is no longer in use/bookmarked by Double Face.
    • Nen that becomes stronger after its original owner's death can even counter the restrictions on other Nen abilities like Skill Hunter.

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