Unfortunate: Part 1
Chapter 356 cover
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Chapter 356
Page length 19 pages
Release date June 6th, 2016
Volume 34 Battle to the Death (Volume)
Arc Succession Contest arc
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Unfortunate: Part 2
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Unfortunate Part 1 (遺憾 (1), Ikan (1)) is the 356th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


After one of the bodies explodes, blowing off his left hand, Hisoka tries to assess the situation and figure out what Chrollo did in that instant. He soon comes to the conclusion that Chrollo figured out which body Hisoka decapitated, placed a Minus sign on it at full power, before placing a sun sign on a different puppet and causing them to come in contact using Black Voice. Hisoka realizes the dangerous situation he is in and chooses to "go all in", decapitating several puppets and climbing up the Heaven's Arena walls using Bungee Gum in order to find Chrollo on the second floor. With several puppets in pursuit, Hisoka is faced with even more directly ahead of him, which have been ordered to self destruct after spotting Hisoka. Due to this, a large explosion comes from the second floor, sending Hisoka flying towards several puppets on the arena floor and blowing off his left leg. Before he is able to use his right leg to Bungee Gum to the ceiling, a puppet from the second floor flies into his chest due to Chrollo's intervention. Hitting the floor, Hisoka is surrounded by a crowd of puppets before a large explosion engulfs them.

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Chrollo kept track of which body the severed head belonged to.
    • Hisoka concludes that Chrollo must've marked the body of the severed head with the plus sign and someone else with the minus sign, then manipulated that other person using Black Voice to touch the plus sign, turning the body and the severed head into a maximum power bomb.
  • Hisoka loses his left leg in another explosion created by The Sun and Moon.
  • Hisoka is surrounded by a crowd of puppets before a large explosion engulfs them.

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