Chapter 360 Parasite
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Chapter 360
Page length 19 pages
Release date July 4th, 2016
Volume 34 Battle to the Death (Volume)
Arc Dark Continent Expedition arc
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Parasite (寄生, Kisei) is the 360th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


While interrogating the other bodyguards, Kurapika reveals that the true nature of the voyage was a Succession War between the Princes of the Kakin Empire. Several guards admit to being aware of this, and also confess to not being fully aligned with Prince Woble. They explain that 7 bodyguards were assigned to keep tabs on Woble; one from each higher-ranked queen. While they are assigned to keep Woble alive, they must make sure that Woble does not become a threat to their clients. One guard divulges the parasite egg jar ceremony, which gave Woble an egg that would hatch into a Nen Beast. Kurapika theorizes that one of the murdered guards had tried to act on his own, and the Nen Beast reacted to him. However, the other guards disprove this by saying that the amount of time since Woble received the egg (one month) was too short for her to master Nen to such a degree. All of a sudden, some Nen Beasts start crawling over the Nen-oblivious guards, and the room becomes infested with Nen beasts. Kurapika contacts his fellow Hunters, but they all state there's nothing abnormal going on. Kurapika realizes that the princes themselves are unaware of the Nen Beasts. Kurapika asks Bill if the parasite-type Nen acts like a curse, to which Bill confirms. Bill decides that he and Kurapika must be more open to each other. The Nen beasts have disappeared, except for one sticking to Sayird, influencing him to murder the other guards. He goes to kill the other two, but Kurapika prepares to fight him.

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kurapika informs everyone in the room about the Succession Battle. Only the royal guards knew about it beforehand.
    • The seven royal guards were chosen by the seven higher Queens to spy on Queen Oito (8th). However, their job still includes protecting Prince Woble (14th) as long as it doesn't threaten the safety of their clients.
  • Multiple Nen Beasts appear in Prince Woble's quarter.
  • Kurapika makes an emergency call using all channels. He publicizes his name and states that multiple Nen Beasts appeared in his quarter.
  • The Princes are not aware of the Nen Beasts' existence.
  • The Nen Beasts are revealed to be parasitic type.
  • Bill suggests there are 3 ways for Queen Oito and Prince Woble to escape the threats of the Succession Battle.
  • Sayird is controlled by a Nen Beast which influences him to kill Kurton and the two royal guards.
  • Kurapika plans to stop Sayird without killing him.

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