Chapter 364 Speculation
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Chapter 364
Page length 19 pages
Release date July 13th, 2017
Arc Succession Contest arc
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Speculation is the 364th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Kurapika decides not to fight with Vincent because of the legal ramifications that would arise. Vincent says that he wishes to co-operate with Kurapika and the others, but Kurapika remains on the defensive. He transfers Little Eye to Queen Oito. Vincent is distracted by the situation, which he perceives to be Kurapika attacking Oito, which allows Bill to get close to him. Vincent attempts to fend off Bill, but Kurapika steals his aura, and he is restrained. To avoid being forced to confess to attempting assassination, Vincent swallows a poison he had hidden behind his back teeth. Kurapika decides not to report Vincent immediately as it would be ineffective and risky at the moment.

Listening to the ordeal remotely, Balsamilco and Benjamin discuss the nature of the guards' ability. They struggle to understand what happened, but Balsalmico theorizes that the guards lied verbally to mislead any eavesdroppers. Benjamin orders all guards to use Nen immediately after announcing the right to self-defense, and sends Babimyna after Woble.

Kurapika decides Little Eye would best be used on Marayam's pet hamster at the next banquet, but due to time restraints, instructs Oito to use Little Eye on an insignificant insect like a fly to avoid suspicion. Despite the advantages of giving the dolphin his newly acquired ability, Kurapika decides not to do so because it would force him to stay in Emperor Time, which takes an hour from his lifespan for every second he uses it. They receive a phone call, which is a message from three princes (Benjamin, Zhang Lei, and Tubeppa), which presents an issue as choosing a Prince with whom to talk first will imply an alliance with that Prince. Additionally, Babimyna rings the doorbell, causing further pressure.

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kurapika transfers the right to use Sayird's ability Little Eye to Queen Oito (8th).
    • Stealth Dolphin is currently connected to both Kurapika and Queen Oito's minds.
      • This only applies until Queen Oito activates Little Eye.
  • Vincent is restrained by Kurapika and Bill after having his aura drained out and his Nen ability stolen by Steal Chain.
  • Vincent commits suicide after listening to Kurapika's claim of possessing an ability that will force him to speak the truth.
  • Prince Benjamin (1st) sends Babimyna to Prince Woble's (14th) quarter as Vincent's successor.
  • Emperor Time shortens Kurapika's lifespan by one hour every one second while activated.
  • Princes Benjamin, Zhang Lei (3rd) and Tubeppa (5th) each send a phone call to Kurapika.

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