Chapter 370 Observation
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Chapter 370
Release date August 31st, 2017
Arc Succession Contest arc
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Observation is the 370th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.

Synopsis Edit

As Kurapika begins his lesson, the user of Silent Majority notes that everything is going according to plan. The doll being used can only be seen by the user and Loberry, the possessed. Kurapika warns the guards not to cross a white line that has been set up. Myuhan purposely steps over the line to irritate Kurapika, to which Kurapika firmly orders him to step back. He attempts to verbally spar with Kurapika, though Kurapika gains the upper hand. The Silent Majority user prepares to attack, and Kurapika starts the lesson. Furykov reads Kurapika's hand gestures, Nen usage, and clothing to determine that he is a Conjurer who needs his right hand to activate his ability, leading him to believe that Kurapika was the one who could force confessions. As Kurapika teaches the lesson, Bill has Oito practice Nen usage. Furykov and Babimyna discuss Kurapika, and decide that it is best not to make any plans as there are still many unknown variables. Kurapika asks if any of the attendees can learn Nen, to which Furykov and another guard respond. Loberry wonders why those two came, when she notices the doll. She draws everyone's attention to it, though they can't see it. The doll uses the opportunity to attack and kill Barrigen by exsanguination. Sakata quickly shoots Barrigen to get rid of the snakes on his body. Kurapika, while remaining calm, realizes that this is not the work of a Guardian Spirit Beast, but rather, an assassin, and resolves to find the perpetrator swiftly.

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