Chapter 373
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Chapter 373
Release date February 8th, 2018
Arc Succession Contest arc
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Succession (継承, Keishō) is the 373rd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Musse aims his gun at Camilla, ordering her not to advance. Camilla disregards his command, leading Musse to believe that she has confidence in her Nen ability. He shoots her, believing that that will lead to the best outcome. The bullets pierce her body, supposedly killing her. As he goes to inspect her corpse and activate his hatsu, a large cat suddenly appears behind him and scoops him up and crushes him. It drips a liquid from its tail into Camilla's mouth, resurrecting her. Some of Camilla's guards, alerted by the gunfire, rush to her aid, and she announces that she will be pursuing the assassin belonging to Benjamin who attacked her. Her guards dissuade her, but she goes regardless, threatening to torture and kill their families if they disobey.

She is confronted by Furykov and another guard outside of Benjamin's room. Benjamin gives his guards strict orders not to attack her, and to let her pass. Camilla uses the opportunity to shoot the two guards, though Furykov's Nen ability protects him from fatal damage. Camilla enters Benjamin's room, where he commends her for her courage and informs her that she will die. She states that she is only interested in finding her assailant. She tries to shoot Benjamin, but he defends himself with his aura, though he does not retaliate. Furykov then arrests Camilla, and Camilla threatens to torture and kill his family. Furykov replies that Benjamin is his only family. With that, she is placed in solitary confinement under the supervision of Balsamilco and Furykov. Furykov receives permission from Balsamilco to leave as Musse's hatsu had already been activated, and it conveys information to Benjamin via Benjamin's hatsu.

Hanzo tries to enter Momoze's room, but he is blocked by the security personnel in front of it. As he has no other way to get into contact with Marayam, he goes to Kurapika, who surmises that their disappearance is tied to a Nen ability rather than a malfunctioning phone. Hanzo explains that only a lower prince and their personnel cannot contact a higher prince, and he asks Kurapika if there is a more surreptitious method of contact. Shimano receives a call from Marayam's personnel, but when Hanzo enters Marayam's room, he is missing. Maryam's guard Vergei requests to talk to Kurapika.

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