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The First Phase Begins, Part 2
Chapter Information
Chapter 6
Page length 19 pages
Release date April 6th, 1998 (Weekly Shonen Jump #1492, No.19)
June 4th, 1998 (tankōbon format)
Volume 1 The Day of Departure (Volume)
Corresponding episode Episode 7 (1999)
Episode 4 (2011)
Arc Hunter Exam arc
Chapter Guide
The First Phase Begins, Part 1
Respective Reasons

The First Phase Begins, Part 2 (第1次試験開始(2), Dai Ichi-ji Shiken Kaishi (2)) is the 6th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Tonpa appears apologetic to Gon and his friends about the drink he previously gave them. He begins to realize that this year's rookies are better than the last. He recalls talking to Hanzo, who revealed himself to be a ninja. He offers Hanzo one of his laxative drinks, but he refuses. Next, he talks to Nicole, who knows Tonpa's background as a "Rookie Crusher" and also declines his offer. Tonpa notices number 301, Gittarackur. He thinks it is impossible to talk with him. Finally, the only one who drinks his beverage is Killua, who asks for four more cans. Tonpa is worried because Killua should be dying after finishing them all yet he still shows no sign of dehydration. Killua notices Tonpa anxious expression, and assures Tonpa that a simple poison won't kill him.

A man with no visible mouth enters the hall, ringing a bell. He announces that the exam will begin and the candidates will have to follow him. At first his pace is normal, but as the time goes by it becomes faster. As the candidates begin to start running, Killua uses his skateboard. Leorio accuses him of cheating, but Gon says otherwise. Killua asks about Gon's age, and Gon replies that he's almost 12 which is around the same age as Killua. Killua decides to run and quickly makes friends with Gon.

After 4 or 5 hours the marathon is still going. Many of the candidates have given up, and Leorio starts to get tired. Gon cheers him up and Leorio suddenly starts to run really fast, but he forgets to take his case along. Gon then uses his fishing rod to catch Leorio's case, which Killua finds interesting.

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