Heh heh... What's wrong? I haven't even moved from the spot where I started. ♦

—Hisoka, to Gon


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Chapter Information
Chapter 61
Page length 20 pages
Release date December 22nd, 1999 (tankōbon format)
Volume 7 Nen Combatant
Corresponding episode Episode 41 (1999)
Episode 35 (2011)
Arc Heaven's Arena arc
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Showdown (決戦, Kessen) is the 61st chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


People are going wild in the stands as the match of Gon and Hisoka is about to begin. After the two fighters step in the ring, Hisoka shows some excitement by looking at Gon. A dangerous aura is released from Hisoka which Wing feels. After the referee's signal, Gon makes the first move by punching Hisoka but misses. Then Hisoka counters and lands an elbow, but did not affect Gon. Quickly, Gon releases numerous punches, but couldn't land one. Hisoka counters and is able to kick Gon. Immediately, Gon attacks Hisoka, but misses again. Hisoka counters again and it lands on Gon's ribs and is able to hurt him.

Gon doesn't mind and attacks him once again. He keeps on attacking, but Hisoka defends himself and then hits Gon. Hisoka hits a clean punch on Gon's face and receives a point from the referee. The crowd enjoys what they see. Hisoka tells Gon that he hasn't even moved from his position since the match started. Gon attacks him once again. He uses his agility and suddenly lifts a flagstone, throws it near Hisoka and smashes it to pieces. By using the blind spot the smashed stones made, Gon sneaks behind Hisoka and lands a solid punch on his face.

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