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The Hunter × Hunter anime and manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series takes place in a fictional universe where licensed specialists, known as Hunters, travel the world taking on special jobs ranging from treasure hunting to assassinations. The story focused on 12-year-old Gon Freecss, and his quest to find his father, Ging Freecss who is a famous Hunter and to do so he must become one himself. While on his quest, Gon meets and becomes close friends with three other members who are also on a quest to become hunters for their own reasons.


Gon Portrait Killua Portrait Kurapika Portrait Leorio Portrait Hisoka Portrait
Gon Freecss Killua Zoldyck Kurapika Leorio Paradinight Hisoka
Barry Portrait Basho Portrait Beans Portrait Binolt Portrait Biske Portrait
Barry Basho Beans Binolt Biscuit Krueger
Buhara Portrait BushidoraAv CutieAv Beyond Netero Portrait Irumi Portrait
Buhara Bushidora Ambitious Cutie Beauty Beyond Netero Illumi Zoldyck
Dalzollene Portrait Gashta Portrait Goreinu Portrait Hanzo Portrait IckshonpeAv
Dalzollene Gashta Bellam Goreinu Hanzo Ickshonpe Katocha
Examiner Portrait Ivlenkov Portrait Jeitsari Portrait Kess Portrait Khara Portrait
288th Exam Examiner Ivlenkov Jeitsari Kess Khara
Kite Portrait Knov Portrait KnucklePortrait Linsen Portrait Lippo Portrait
Kite Knov Knuckle Bine Linssen Lippo
LoupeAv Masta Portrait Melody portrait Menchi Portrait Mizuken Portrait
Loupe Highland Masta Melody Menchi Mizuken
Morel Portrait PalmPortrait Pokkle Portrait LinneAv Rodriot Portrait
Morel Mackernasey Palm Siberia Pokkle Linne Hors-d'oeuvre Rodriot
Satotz Portrait Seaquant Portrait Tocino Portrait Shalnark Portrait Shilah Portrait
Satotz Seaquant Shachmono Tocino Shalnark Sheila
ShootPortrait SanbicaAv TeradeinAv Togari Portrait Tokuharone Portrait
Shoot McMahon Sanbica Norton Teradein Neutral Togari Tokharone
Tsezguerra Portrait Wing Portrait Zetsk Portrait 3rd examiner of trick tower Portrait HA Agent Portrait
Tsezguerra Wing Zetsk Bellam Trick Tower's 3rd Examiner Hunter Association agent

Netero Portrait ParistonPortrait CheadleAv
Isaac Netero (#12) Pariston Hill (#13) Cheadle Yorkshire (#14)

Zodiac Twelve
BotobaiAv CheadleAv Clook table GeruAv
Botobai Gigante Cheadle Yorkshire Cluck Geru
GintaAv KanzaiAv Kurapika Portrait Leorio Portrait
Ginta Kanzai Kurapika Leorio Paradinight
MizaistomAv PiyonAv SacchoAv SaiyuAv
Mizaistom Nana Piyon Saccho Kobayakawa Saiyu
GingPortrait ParistonPortrait
Ging Freecss Pariston Hill

Amateur Hunters
Banana Portrait Lin Portrait Monta Portrait
Banana Kavaro Lin Koshi Monta Yuras
Podungo Portrait Spinner Portrait Stick Portrait
Podungo Lapoy Spinner Clow Stick Dinner

Hunter Examinees
Agon Portrait Amori Portrait Bodoro Portrait Barbon Portrait Cherry Portrait
Agon Amori Bodoro Bourbon Cherry
Geretta Portrait Gozu Portrait Imori Portrait Kenmi Portrait Kyu Portrait
Geretta Gozu Imori Kenmi Kyu
Nicole Portrait Ponzu Portrait Ryu Portrait Shishito Portrait Siper Portrait
Nicole Ponzu Ryu Shishito Siper
Sommy Portrait Todo Portrait Tonpa Portrait Umori Portrait Zepile Portrait
Sommy Todo Tonpa Umori Zepile
Matthew Portrait Anita Portrait
Matthew (Applicant) Anita (Non-Canon)

Hunter Examiners
Satotz Portrait Menchi Portrait Buhara Portrait Lippo Portrait 3rd examiner of trick tower Portrait
Satotz Menchi Buhara Lippo Trick Tower's 3rd Examiner
Examiner Portrait
288th Hunter Exam's 1st Phase Examiner
Former Examiners
Biske Portrait Togari Portrait
Biscuit Krueger Togari

Trick Tower Prisoners
Bendot Portrait Johness Portrait Leroute Portrait
Bendot Johness Leroute
Majitani Portrait Sedokan Portrait
Majitani Sedokan

Whale Island

Whale Island Inhabitants
GingPortrait Gon Portrait Mito Portrait
Ging Freecss Gon Freecss Mito Freecss
Ging and mito grandma Portrait Noko Portrait Kon Portrait
Abe Noko Kon

Kukuroo Mountain

Zoldyck Household
Family members
Maha table Zeno Portrait ZoldyckGran Silva Portrait Kikyo Portrait
Maha Zoldyck Zeno Zoldyck Grandmother Silva Zoldyck Kikyo Zoldyck
Irumi Portrait Milluki Portrait Killua Portrait AllukaAv Kalluto Portrait
Illumi Zoldyck Milluki Zoldyck Killua Zoldyck Alluka Zoldyck Kalluto Zoldyck
Zzigg Zoldyck
AmaneAv Canary Portrait Gotoh Portrait Hishita Portrait KasugaAv
Amane Canary Gotoh Hishita Kasuga
Mitsuba120 Seaquant Portrait TsuboneAv YasuhaAv Zebro Portrait
Mitsuba Seaquant Tsubone Yasuha Zebro
No image
Mike Portrait

Heavens Arena

Heavens Arena
Gon Portrait Killua Portrait Zushi Portrait Hisoka Portrait Heavens
Gon Freecss Killua Zoldyck Zushi Hisoka
Gido Portrait Riehlvelt Portrait Sadaso Portrait Kastro-Portrait
Gido Riehlvelt Sadaso Kastro
Chipapa Template Maita Template Floor masters Portrait Dorado Portrait
Chipapa Maita Floor Masters Dorado (Non-Canon)
Cocco Portrait Kenji Portrait
Cocco Kenji Hatakawa (TV) (Non-Canon)
Baka Ki El Dogra Portrait Togashi Portrait
Baka Ki El Dogra Togashi (Non-Canon)

Phantom Troupe

Phantom Troupe
Kalluto Portrait Shalnark Portrait ShizukuGR FeitanGR BonolenovGR
Kalluto Zoldyck (#4) Shalnark (#6) Shizuku (#8) Feitan Bonolenov
FranklinGR KortopiGR Machi Portrait Nobunaga Portrait PhinksGR
Franklin Kortopi Machi Nobunaga Hazama (#1) Phinks
Chrollo lucifer Portrait Omokage Portrait HisokaGR No image PakunodaGR
Chrollo Lucilfer Omokage (#4) Hisoka (#4) ????? (#8) Pakunoda (#9)
Uvogin Portrait
Uvogin (#11)
Abengane Portrait HisokaGR Irumi Portrait Maha table
Abengane Hisoka Illumi Zoldyck Maha Zoldyck

Kurta Clan

Kurta Clan
ElderAv KurapikaMomAv KurapikaDadAv
Clan Elder Kurapika's Mother Kurapika's Father
Kurapika Portrait PairoPortrait
Kurapika Pairo

Mafia Community

Nostrade Organization
Family members
Light Nostrade Portrait Neon Portrait
Light Nostrade Neon Nostrade
Kurapika Portrait Melody portrait Basho Portrait Linsen Portrait Eliza Portrait
Kurapika Melody Basho Linssen Eliza
Dalzollene Portrait Tocino Portrait Squala Portrait Baise Portrait Ivlenkov Portrait
Dalzollene Shachmono Tocino Squala Baise Ivlenkov

Ten-dons Portrait Bean(Mafia) Portrait Zenji Portrait Assassin A Portrait Assassin B Portrait
Ten Dons Bean Zenji Assassin A Assassin B
Assassin C Portrait Assassin D Portrait Assassin E Portrait Assassin F Portrait
Assassin C Assassin D Assassin E Assassin F

Shadow Beasts
Leech Portrait Owl Portrait Porcupine Portrait Rabid Dog Portrait Worm Portrait
Leech Owl Porcupine Rabid Dog Worm
Unknown Beast 1 Ub2 Ub3 Unknown Beast 4 Screenshot 8
????? ????? ????? Frog Bat

Greed Island

G.I. Game Masters
Ging Portrait Razor Portrait Eeta Portrait Elena Portrait Dwun Portrait
Ging Freecss Razor Eeta Elena Dwun
No image No image List Portrait No image No image
I????? S????? List A????? N?????
No image

Bomb Devils
Genthru Portrait Sub Portrait Bara Portrait
Genthru Sub Bara

Greed Island Players
Abengane Portrait Amana Portrait Asta Portrait Latarza Portrait Zeho Portrait
Abengane Amana Asta Latarza Zeho
Kosofftro Portrait Jeet Portrait Jispa Portrait Puhat Portrait Montreux Portrait
Kosofftro Jeet Jispa Puhat Montreux
Nickes Portrait Manheim Portrait Mikli Portrait Yabibi Portrait Kazsule Portrait
Nickes Manheim Mikli Yabibi Kazsule
Nick Cue Portrait Hanse Portrait Assam Portrait Nomdieu Portrait Redwood Portrait
Nick Cue Hanse Assam Nomdieu Redwood
Souheil Portrait Wong Li Portrait Isaac Portrait LuciartPortrait Pisac Portrait
Souheil Wong Li Isaac Luciart Pisac
Erbier ManoPortrait Motaricke Portrait Shihael Portrait Arka Portrait Richard Hackett Portrait
Erbier Mano Motaricke Shihael Arka Richard Hackett
Ihona Kausuki Degiro Portrait Doster Portrait Rin Portrait JikonoPortrait
Ivona Kawski Degiro Doster Rin Jikono
Sakisuke Njiji Portrait Zenju Headshot MukanakiPortrait Michirou Portrait PongoPortrait
Sakisuke Njiji Zenju Mukanaki Michirou Pongo
Cuzco Portrait Wong Ho Portrait Barry Portrait Biske Portrait Rodriot Portrait
Cuzco Wong Ho Barry Biscuit Krueger Rodriot
Kess Portrait Gashta Portrait Goreinu Portrait Jeitsari Portrait Tokuharone Portrait
Kess Gashta Bellam Goreinu Jeitsari Tokharone
Tsezguerra Portrait Zetsk Portrait Binolt Portrait Hagakushi Portrait
Tsezguerra Zetsk Bellam Binolt Hagakushi

Death Row Convicts
Razor Portrait Bopobo Potrait Pirate Boxer Portrait Soccer Pirate Portrait
Razor Bopobo Pirate Boxer Pirate Footballer

Greed Island NPCs
Cat Portrait Gold Portrait Sick Portrait Trade Portrait
Cat Diner NPC Gold Dust Girl Sick Villagers Trade Shop NPC


Haruna Portrait Kurt Portriat Reina 2011 2
Haruna Kurt Reina
Expedition Team
Pokkle Portrait Ponzu Portrait Balda 2011-2 Pekuba Portrait
Pokkle Ponzu Balda Pekuba

Republic of East Gorteau

Republic of East Gorteau
DiegoPortrait BizeffPortrait MarcosPortrait KomugiPortrait
Ming Jol-ik Bizeff Marcos Komugi

Chimera Ants

Chimera Ants
Royal Family
Queen Portrait MeruemPortrait Neferpitou Portrait Shaiapouf Portrait YoupiPortrait
Queen Meruem Neferpitou Shaiapouf Menthuthuyoupi
Kite Chimera Ant
Squadron Leaders
Alligator Portrait Bihorn Portrait Bloster Portrait Cheetu Portrait2 Colt Portrait
Alligator Bihorn Bloster Cheetu Colt
Leol Portrait Meleoron Portrait Peggy Portrait Turtle Portrait Welfin Portrait
Leol Meleoron Peggy Turtle Welfin
Yunju Portrait Zazan Portrait Div3 Portrait Div4 Portrait Div5 Portrait
Yunju Zazan Panda Octopus Mantis
BokiPortrait CentipedePortrait Flutter Portrait Hina Portrait Frog Portrait
Boki Centipede Flutter Hina Frog
Ikalgo Template MosquitoPortrait PikePortrait Rammot Portrait OrthoPortrait
Ikalgo Mosquito Pike Rammot Ortho Siblings
BaroPortrait BatPortrait Bombardier Beetle Chimera Ant Gyro Chimera Ant InzagiAv
Baro Bat Bombardier Beetle Gyro Inzagi
Koala Portrait 0862 HollowPortrait ChimeraPalmAv PellPortrait
Koala Maenore Hollow Palm Siberia Pell
Pig RemoraPortrait RhinoPortrait ShidoreAv Snake chimera ant face
Pig Remora Rhino Shidore Snake


Hoicoro Portrait
Nasubi Hui Guo Rou
BenjaminAv CamillaAv ChouraiAv 343 - Prince of Kakin
Benjamin Hui Guo Rou Camilla Hui Guo Rou Zhang Lei Hui Guo Rou Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou
TsubeppaAv TysonAv LuzoorAv SaresareAv
Tubeppa Hui Guo Rou Tyson Hui Guo Rou Luzurus Hui Guo Rou Sale-sale Hui Guo Rou
HarkenburgAv KachouAv FuugetsuAv MomozeAv
Halkenburg Hui Guo Rou Kacho Hui Guo Rou Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou Momoze Hui Guo Rou
MarayaamAv WableAv
Marayam Hui Guo Rou Woble Hui Guo Rou

Dark Continent Expedition Team

Dark Continent Expedition Team
Beyond's Team
Beyond Netero Portrait GingPortrait ParistonPortrait CircleAv
Beyond Netero Ging Freecss Pariston Hill Curly
CookAv MarshallAv GeishaAv BrotherPortrait
????? Mascher ????? ?????
LolipopAv PopeyeAv RoboGirlAv GolemAv
Pekotero Usamen Marione Golem
MuhelAv HairAv
Muherr ?????

Other Characters

Other Characters
Katzo Portrait Captain Portrait Quizzing Lady Portrait Kiriko Portrait Bus Guide Portrait
Katzo Captain Quizzing Lady Kiriko Coco Loo
Benny Delon Portrait Koneruto Portrait Beyond Netero Portrait Hoicoro Portrait Pietro Portrait
Benny Delon Koneruto Beyond Netero Nasubi Hui Guo Rou Pietro
Battera Portrait Battera's Lover Portrait Galactic Matron Portrait Fumi Portrait Muuna
Battera Battera's Lover Galactic Grandma Fumi Muuna
Won Portrait DrLeePortrait Sabazushi Portrait Michael Portrait Mukatorini Portrait
Won Dr. Lee Sabazushi Michael Mukatorini
TsukumaPortrait Other retz Banner Portarit Genner Portrait Ogyu Portrait
Tsukuma Retz Banner (Non-Canon) Genner (Non-Canon) Ogyu (Game)

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