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Quotation1 What happened to your smirk, Pariston? I absolutely refuse to let you have your own way! Quotation2
Cheadle Yorkshire, thinking to herself
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Cheadle Yorkshire



Chīdoru Yōkushā

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14th Chairman of the Hunters Association

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Cheadle Yorkshire (チードル=ヨークシャー, Chīdoru Yōkushā) is a Triple Star Hunter and also a member of the Zodiacs with the codename "Dog." She's also the 14th and current chairman of Hunter Association.


Cheadle 2

Cheadle is a bespectacled woman of average height with a medium length haircut. She wears a headdress that has a pair of dog-like ears, a conservative knee length white dress and a white caplet with a cross at the front of the neck. Her upper jaw and nose also look like those of a dog.


Cheadle is shown to be a calm and intellectual person. She seems to be more intelligent than most of the Zodiacs as even Pariston admits that his procedural skills are inferior to hers, although it is unknown if he says so honestly. She apparently has a mild dislike for Saiyu's rudeness.


13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Zodiac Twelve angry
The Zodiacs's reaction to Pariston's proposal.
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Cheadle is the figurehead of the pro-Netero faction in the Hunters Association. After Netero's death, complying with his will, she and the other Zodiacs gather to vote for a new Hunter chairman. They are hostile towards Pariston, especially after he proposes himself as the new Chairman.[1] Like the other Zodiacs, she is forced to follow Ging's rules to elect the new Chairman. Later she finally reluctantly seeks Ging's advice on how to win against Pariston where he told her that the reason that why Pariston is such a formidable opponent is that he really isn't trying to win or lose and that he's just having fun foreseeing on how his opposition will move next just like Netero and he's the only one who's carrying the late chairman's spirit and that she is jealous of him for that.

She was also informed by him that Pariston secretly ordered 100 airships that gathered about 5000 hybrid Chimera Ant cocoons from East Gorteu palace and he intends to use them for his entertainment and that she should befriend some the association's pilots and engineers so that she will not be oblivious on these kind of matters. So during the last votation she receives all of Mizaistom's votes and, in order to defeat Pariston she decides to give all of her votes and all of Mizaistom's to Leorio so that he can finally defeat Pariston once for all. She later becomes the Chairman of the Hunter Association due to Pariston's request after winning the Hunter Association election.

Cheadle's 13th Chairman Election Standings
Election Round Standing Votes
First 2nd 42
Second 2nd 46
Third 2nd 49
Fourth 2nd 57
Fifth 3rd 63
Sixth 3rd 66
Seventh 3rd 87
Eighth 4th 16

Abilities & Powers

As the chairman of the Hunter Association, Cheadle has extensive authority over her underlings, political influence and access to even the most secret information. Her combat skills and Nen abilities have yet to be revealed but since she is part of the Zodiacs and a Triple Star Hunter, she must be a capable and most likely a powerful Nen user.

Genius-level intellect: Cheadle is incredibly smart, knowledgeable and practical-minded. Even Pariston admitted that she is superior to him in terms of procedural skills. Despite being usually able to keep her cool, at times she would, especially when Ging and Pariston are involved, lose her temper. Although the both of them are capable of more accurate predictions, she is still a master at calculating her opponent's future moves and the trend of the election making her a proficient tactician.


  • Paris Hilton owns a Yorkshire terrier, Cheadle might be based on it since Pariston's name is an anagram of Paris Hilton.


  1. Hunter × Hunter - Volume 28, Chapter 319


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