Cherry (チェリー, Cherī) was examinee #76 in the 287th Hunter Exam and a martial arts expert.[1]


Hunter Exam arcEdit

During the first phase of the 287th Hunter Exam, he, Leorio and Kurapika were the only three left of a group of candidates after Hisoka indiscriminately attacked them to eliminate those he deemed unworthy. Realizing that they had no chance they ran away in 3 different directions.[2] However this didn't help Cherry as later his corpse was seen hanging upside down on a tree with a card stuck in his forehead, implying that Hisoka killed him.[3]


  • Hunter Exam arc
    • Cherry vs. Hisoka Morow (Numere Wetlands)[4]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic چيري (Tshiri)
South Korea Flag Korean 체리 (Cheri)


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